10 Facts about Little Richard

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The famous American songwriter, singer and musician is elaborated on Facts about Little Richard. He was born on 5th December 1932. His full name is Richard Wayne Penniman. People often call him Little Richard. His career spans for at least six decades where he became a pivotal figure in the development of popular music and culture. You have to read the whole post below to get more information about Little Richard.

Facts about Little Richard 1: the most popular works of Richard

The most popular works of Richard were traced back in the mid 1950s. He established foundation for the rock and roll music through his charismatic performance and dynamic music.

Facts about Little Richard

Facts about Little Richard

Facts about Little Richard 2: the development of another music genre

One of the music genres developed due to the music of Little Richard included soul and funk music.

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Facts about Little Richard 3: an influential figure

In the music world, Little Richard is considered as an influential figure. Many musicians and singers in the world are influenced by the music and performance of Richard.

Facts about Little Richard 4: the honor

Due to his contribution to the music, Little Richard has been honored. In 1986, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induced his name. The Songwriters Hall of Fame also did the same thing due to the skill and ability to Little Richard as a songwriter.

Little Richard Facts

Little Richard Facts

Facts about Little Richard 5: the lifetime achievement award

Not all singers and musicians in the world will be awarded with lifetime achievement award. Since Little Richard played an important role for music development, The Recording Academy and the Rhythm and Blues Foundation awarded him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Facts about Little Richard 6: the famous work

The famous work of Little Richard was released in 1955 with the title “Tutti Fruitti”. In 2010, the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress included the single on their list.

Little Richard Image

Little Richard Image

Facts about Little Richard 7: another award

Due to his significant part for establishing the popular music genres, which reshaped the American culture, Little Richard was awarded with a Rhapsody & Rhythm Award by the National Museum of African American Music in 2015.

Facts about Little Richard 8: the birthplace of Little Richard

The birthplace of Little Richard was located in Macon, Georgia. There were 12 kids in the family and Richard was the third one.

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Facts about Little Richard 9: the childhood time

Richard spent most of his childhood in a Pleasant Hill. It was a neighborhood in Macon.

Little Richard

Little Richard

Facts about Little Richard 10: the nickname

The family called him Lil’ Richard because he had skinny and small posture.

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