10 Facts about Levi Roots

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Facts about Levi Roots will remind the people with the reggae musician. He was born on 24th June 1958 as Keith Valentine Graham. He chooses Levi Roots as the stage name. This British Jamaican is also known as a businessman, celebrity chef, and TV personality. Now, Roots settles in Brixton, South London. People also recognize him as a multi-millionaire man.

Facts about Levi Roots 1: the early life

The birthplace of Levi Roots was located in Clarendon, Jamaica. Before he relocated to United Kingdom to join his parents, his grandmother raised him in Jamaica. He went to UK at the age of 11.

levi roots pic

levi roots pic

Facts about Levi Roots 2: religion

Roots decided to embrace Rastafari faith when he was 18 years old. Actually, his family raised him as a Christian.

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Facts about Levi Roots 3: Bob Marley

Do you know that Bob Marley and Levi Roots were friends? In 1992, Roots performed for Nelson Mandela and sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President”.

Facts about Levi Roots 4: Dragons’ Den

Roots was a participant in Dragons’ Den. It was a famous TV program in United Kingdom. Roots earned public attention after his Reggae Reggae Sauce was funded £50,000 in the program.

Levi Roots

Levi Roots

Facts about Levi Roots 5: what is Reggae Reggae Sauce?

Reggae Reggae Sauce is a product created by Levi. It is a jerk barbecue sauce.

Facts about Levi Roots 6: the sales of Reggae Reggae Sauce

The sales of his Reggae Reggae Sauce at Notting Hill Carnival were 4,000 bottles in 2006.

levi roots facts

levi roots facts

Facts about Levi Roots 7: a food trade show

Levi then participated in a trade show to sell his sauce. He was invited to come to Dragon’s Den after BBC producer spotted him in the trade show.

Facts about Levi Roots 8: the appearance of Roots in Dragon’s Den

Roots appeared in the fourth series of Dragon’s Den during the first episode. Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh offered him £50,000. In return, the dragons would get a 40 percent stake.

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Facts about Levi Roots 9: after the program

After the program, the sauce of Roots seems popular. Sainsbury made an announcement to stock Reggae Reggae sauce in their stores. A song entitled “Reggae Reggae Sauce” was released due to the success of his product. Peter Jones became a cameo in the music video.

Facts about levi roots

Facts about levi roots

Facts about Levi Roots 10: a cookbook

In 2008, Reggae Reggae Cookbook written by Roots was published.

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