10 Facts about Llanelli

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If you want to know the town notable for the rugby tradition, check Facts about Llanelli. It is located at Loughor estuary. The tinplate production is centered in Llanelli. The Llanelli Rural district features various communities and villages. In 18th and 19th century, Llanelli was developing for it was a mining town. the town is famous with the steelworks, tinplate production and coal mining. Get other facts about Llanelli below:

Facts about Llanelli 1: Llanelly and Mynydd Mawr Railway

In 1803, Llanelly and Mynydd Mawr Railway were opened where it was served by the industries of coal, steelworks and tinplate.

Llanelli Facts

Llanelli Facts

Facts about Llanelli 2:Tinopolis

The second half of 19th century, Llanelli was nicknamed Tinopolis due to its significant production of tin.

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Facts about Llanelli 3:the economic decline

In the end of 1970s, Llanelli had to face the economic decline because of the competition with overseas steel plants and closure of coal mining.

Facts about Llanelli 4: the inhabitants

People often use the term the Turks to call the inhabitants of Llanelli.

facts about Llanelli

facts about Llanelli

Facts about Llanelli 5: National Eisteddfod

in 1895, 1903, 1930, 1962, 2000 and 2014, National Eisteddfod was conducted in the town .

Facts about Llanelli 6: language

Do you know that Celtic language was spoken by at least 50 percent of the population of Llanelli in the mid-twentieth century. the Welsh language was spoken by 23.7 percent of Llanelli people.

Llanelli Image

Llanelli Image

Facts about Llanelli 7: the manufacturing companies

Several manufacturing companies are based in Llanelli. They include Dyfed Steels and Tata Steel Europe tinplate. Both of them focus for the automotive industry. Llanelli Gate featured Technium Performance Engineering Centre, which focused to serve the aerospace, motorsport and automotive sectors. The gradual decline is spotted on the traditional industries of the town. that is why the government tries to develop it by moving the shopping center into Trostre/Pemberton area. The tourism is tried to develop by opening the Millennium Coastal Park and retail parks at Trostre and Pemberton.

Facts about Llanelli 8: Machynys Ponds

If you are interested to check the dragonflies population, you can visit Machynys Ponds situated 1.6 kilometer of Llanelli.

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Facts about Llanelli 9: churches

Llanelli is a home to a number of churches included in the listed buildings. One of them is the parish church of St Elli.

Llanelli Pic

Llanelli Pic

Facts about Llanelli 10: the favorite sports

The favorite sports in town include golf, rugby, bowls, football, and snooker.

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