10 Facts about Leamington Spa

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Let me show you the fascinating information about a spa town located in Warwickshire, England on Facts about Leamington Spa.  People often call it Leamington or Royal Leamington Spa. In 18th century, the town was famous due to its medicinal values on its water. It experienced the fast expansion in England in 19th century.  Here are the complete facts about Leamington Spa:

Facts about Leamington Spa 1: the name of the town

The name of the town is taken from River Leam. It flows around the town.

Leamington Spa Facts

Leamington Spa Facts

Facts about Leamington Spa 2: Regency architecture

When you visit the town, you will be impressed with beauty of Regency architecture. You just have to come to Lansdowne Circus, Clarendon Square and Parade.

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Facts about Leamington Spa 3: the electoral wards

Leamington Spa has 6 electoral wards. They are Willes, Clarendon, Crown, Brunswick, Manor and Milverton.

Facts about Leamington Spa 4: the population

Leamington Spa was a home for 49,491 people based on the report in 2011.

Leamington Spa Images

Leamington Spa Images

Facts about Leamington Spa 5: flood

Leamington Spa has to deal with the risk of having flood due to the presence of River Leam flowing from the east to west. The heavy floods in Leamington Spa were spotted in 1998 and 2007.

Facts about Leamington Spa 6: the gardens and parks

If you are visiting Leamington Spa, do not forget to enjoy the beauty of the gardens and parks here. One of the famous gardens to visit is the Jephson Garden. It is located next to River Leam and near Royal Pump Rooms.

Leamington Spa Pic

Leamington Spa Pic

Facts about Leamington Spa 7: the Elephant Walk

The Elephant Walk is located at Priory Terrace at another side of River Leam. The Elephant Walk was created to make sure that the circus Elephants could be watered.

Facts about Leamington Spa 8: other interesting places to visit

The other interesting places to visit in the town are Leam Valley, Welches Meadow, Victoria Park and Mill Gardens.

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Facts about Leamington Spa 9: the shopping street

Leamington Spa also features the shopping street where you can find a shopping center and high street chains.

Facts about Leamington Spa

Facts about Leamington Spa

Facts about Leamington Spa 10: the buildings in town

The building in town resembles the beauty of the early Victorian and Georgian architecture. You can also spot a neo classical building called Lansdowne Crescent, which has been enlisted in Grade II. It was constructed in 1835 until 1838. The designer was William Thomas.

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