10 Facts about Leigh on Sea

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Get the information about a town or a civil parish in Essex, England on Facts about Leigh on Sea. People simply call it Leigh. The early settlement in the town is inferred from the archeological evidence in the forms of coins and pottery dated back during the period of Romano-British. The term Leigh was used to call the hilltop clearing surrounded by the woodland of Essex. In the old maps, Leigh was called Lea, Lee or Ley. The following post below will show you the details about Leigh on Sea.

Facts about Leigh on Sea 1: Domesday Book survey

The Domesday Book survey of 1086 featured the town of Leigh.  During the Norman Conquest, Leigh was considered as a place with low level of economics.

Facts about Leigh on Sea

Facts about Leigh on Sea

Facts about Leigh on Sea 2: the place name element

The nearby towns and villages also featured the element of ley in their names. They included Thunderley, Hockley, Rayleigh and Hadleigh.

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Facts about Leigh on Sea 3: the development of Leigh

Leigh was developed from time to time. It was only a rustic backwater during the middle Ages. Then it was transformed into a maritime trade town. It turned to be a suburb of Southend-on-Sea in the beginning of twentieth century.

Facts about Leigh on Sea 4: the shore of Thames estuary

The shore of Thames estuary played an important role on the life of the people for the trading and fishing settlement was established here. The people also established farms here such as Leigh Hall Farm, Belfairs Farm, Leigh Park Farm, Burnt Oak Farm, and Leigh Heath Farm.

Leigh on Sea Facts

Leigh on Sea Facts

Facts about Leigh on Sea 5: St. Clement’s

St. Clement’s is the parish church in the area established in fifteenth century.  It features the Tudor porch made of red brick called the Kentish ragstone for the fabric.

Facts about Leigh on Sea 6: the medieval structure

In 19th and 20th century, the church featured the modified medieval structure.

Leigh on Sea Images

Leigh on Sea Images

Facts about Leigh on Sea 7: Leigh Hall

In the beginning of 20th century, a medieval manor house called Leigh Hall was demolished.

Facts about Leigh on Sea 8: the fishing industry

The fishing industry in Leigh is considered as the important one based on the history. The Domesday Book recorded five anglers who claimed the importance of Leigh in the industry in 11th century.

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Facts about Leigh on Sea 9: the primary seafood catch

The whitebait and shellfish are considered as the primary seafood catch, which can be found on the fishing boats of Leigh.

Leigh on Sea

Leigh on Sea

Facts about Leigh on Sea 10: notable people

The famous people who come from Leigh include the tennis player David Lloyd, actor Phil Cornwell, actress Helen Mirren, author John Fowles, mathematician Alister Watson, singer Tina Cousins, and actor Michael Wilding

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