10 Facts about London History

Post On: March 4, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about London History will trace back the history of London around 2,000 years ago. London serves as the capital of United Kingdom and England. Today, London has the important status as the cultural and financial center. The history finds out that London has experienced terrorist attacks, aerial bombardment, civil war, devastating fire, plaque, riots and civil war. The historic core of London serves as the financial center in this modern day. Why don’t you check the following post about London History facts below?

Facts about London History 1: the foundation of London

Brutus of Troy established London around 1000 to 1100 BC according to Geoffrey of Monmouth in the legendary Historia Regum Britanniae.

Facts about London History

Facts about London History

Facts about London History 2: before the Roman settlement

Before the Roman settlement in London, it was occupied by Iron Age tribe.

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Facts about London History 3: the legendary kings

London was under the reign of legendary kings during the prehistoric period. One of them was Lud where it was called Caer Ludein. It was believed that London was named after the town.

Facts about London History 4: the prehistoric settlement

The prehistoric settlement in London had not been proved by the major evidence even though the archeologists had intensive excavations.

London History Facts

London History Facts

Facts about London History 5: the prehistoric finds

The prehistoric finds, which had been found in the city, included the scattered traces of habitation, burial and farming.

Facts about London History 6: new fortresses

The new fortresses were constructed in London during the Norman regime. One of the important buildings was Tower of London. The stone castle in England replaced the wooden fortification.

London History

London History

Facts about London History 7: ‘Westminster Hall’

‘Westminster Hall’ was constructed by the son of William the Conqueror, William Rufus in 1097. Then it was turned into Palace of Westminster.

Facts about London History 8: London Bridge

London Bridge’s construction was completed in 1209. The beginning of the construction took place in 1176. Until 1739, it was the only bridge spanning over River Thames.

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Facts about London History 9: the medieval London

The combustible materials like straw and wood were used to create buildings in the middle ages. In addition, London also featured twisting and narrow street.

London History Image

London History Image

Facts about London History 10: Great Fire of London

One of the important events in London history is Great Fire of London, which took place at 1 o’clock on September 2nd, 1666. Almost 60 percent of the building in London was consumed by the fire.

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