10 Facts about Lou Gehrig

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Facts about Lou Gehrig will present the information about the American baseball first baseman who became the players for New York Yankees in 1923 until 1939 for 17 seasons. He was born on 19th June 1903 and died on 2nd June 1941 as Heinrich Ludwig Gehrig. He had amazing durability.  He was powerful hitter. He earned the nickname as the Iron Horse due to his amazing trait. He was a 7-time consecutive All-Star. Here is other useful information about Lou Gehrig:

Facts about Lou Gehrig 1: the title

Gehrig also had amazing record during his life as baseball player. He was a two-time Most Valuable Player in American League. He became the winner of Triple Crown.

Facts about Lou Gehrig

Facts about Lou Gehrig

Facts about Lou Gehrig 2: the record

His record included 1,995 runs batted in, 493 home runs, and a .447 on base average, .632 slugging average and .340 batting average.

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Facts about Lou Gehrig 3: The Yankees career

In 1923, the Yankees signed him as a player. Gehrig was originally from New York City.

Facts about Lou Gehrig 4: the end of his career

He ended his career voluntarily because of ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Now the disorder is also called Lou Gehrig disease in North America.

Lou Gehrig Pic

Lou Gehrig Pic

Facts about Lou Gehrig 5: the retirement and death

Gehrig retired from baseball when he was 36 years. He passed away at the age of 38. In 1941, the Yankees dedicated a monument to honor him, which can be found at the Monument Park of Yankee Stadium.

Facts about Lou Gehrig 6: Lou Gehrig Memorial Award

The MLB player, which shows off the character and integrity, is given Lou Gehrig Memorial Award.  The award is named after him.

Lou Gehrig Image

Lou Gehrig Image

Facts about Lou Gehrig 7: the debut in MLB

On 15 June 1923, Gehrig had his debut at the Major League Baseball with New York Yankees. He was 19 years old at that time.

Facts about Lou Gehrig 8: the breakthrough

In 1926, Gehrig had his breakthrough in baseball at the age of 23.

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Facts about Lou Gehrig 9: Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth often overshadowed the achievement of Lou Gehrig. However, both are still considered as the greatest baseball players in the history.

Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig

Facts about Lou Gehrig 10: personal life

Gehrig and Eleanor Twitchell married in September 1933. The father of his wife was Frank Twitchell who served as the Chicago Parks Commissioner.

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