10 Facts about Lucha Libre

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Let me show you the interesting information about a type of professional wrestling in Mexico.  The meaning of Lucha libre is free fight. This combat sport is a form of entertainment. The term Lucha libre is synonymous with the freestyle wrestling in English. There will be no restrictions in this freestyle wrestling. However, Lucha libre has unique characteristics, which distinguish it with other types of professional wrestling. Get more facts about Lucha Libre below:

Facts about Lucha Libre 1: the special characteristics

Lucha libre has special characteristics. One of them is the highflying maneuver. Most of them also apply the rapid maneuvers and holds.  The wrestlers also wear the unique colorful masks. Some wrestlers in United States adopt the techniques of Lucha libre.

Facts about Lucha Libre

Facts about Lucha Libre

Facts about Lucha Libre 2: the importance of masks

What is the importance of wearing a mask? During the competition, sometimes the loser will have to take the mask off permanently.

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Facts about Lucha Libre 3: Rey Mysterio, Jr

Have you ever heard Rey Mysterio, Jr? He is one of the famous wrestlers in US with unique highflying style.

Facts about Lucha Libre 4: the tag team wrestling

It is common to have Lucha libre with tag team wrestling. The trios are used to call the three members of the team.

Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre

Facts about Lucha Libre 5: the wrestlers

The luchador is a term used to call the lucha libre wrestler. The plural form is luchadores. Most of them are originated from the wrestling families. Los Guerreros is the wrestling family line incorporated in the US professional wrestling.

Facts about Lucha Libre 6: the popularity of lucha libre

Lucha libre is very popular today. It breaks the boundary by influencing other countries.  The mascot of Telus’ Koodo Mobile Post Paid cell service applies the cartoon version of luche libre wrestler in Canada.

Lucha Libre Masks

Lucha Libre Masks

Facts about Lucha Libre 7: the performance of Luchadores

The performance of Luchadores is more powerful and agile. They will use the highflying maneuver to beat the opponent on the ring.

Facts about Lucha Libre 8: how to do the high flying attacks?

The highflying attack will be performed by the wrestler by catapulting his body on the ropes of the ring to move toward his opponent.

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Facts about Lucha Libre 9: the weight classes

Lucha libre is divided in a number of weight classes. Some teen wrestlers have made their debut in lucha libre, which enable the sport to produce the powerful and skilled wrestlers.

Lucha Libre Facts

Lucha Libre Facts

Facts about Lucha Libre 10: the notable wrestlers in lucha libre

Juventud Guerrera, Rey Mysterio, Jr., Místico and Super Crazy are some lucha libre wrestlers who had their debut at the age of 20s.

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