10 Facts about Lucid Dreaming

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Read Facts about Lucid Dreaming in the following article. Have you ever about lucid dreaming before? Lucid dreaming is different from the common dreams because the dreamer is aware of the dreaming. In some cases, the dreamer has the ability to control the environment, narrative and characters of the dream. The primary characteristics of lucid dreaming have been analyzed by Celia Green in 1968. Let us find out more interesting explanations about lucid dream below:

Facts about Lucid Dreaming 1: the analysis

Lucia Green analyzed the characteristics from the data taken from her participants and published literature about lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

Facts about Lucid Dreaming 2: the false awakenings

The phenomenon called false awakening was related to lucid dreaming by Green.

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Facts about Lucid Dreaming 3: REM

REM stands for rapid eye movement associated with lucid dreaming. When the dreamer has lucid dreaming, they will conduct pre-determined physical responses.

Facts about Lucid Dreaming 4: the beginning of lucid dream

The REM stage of sleep is the beginning of lucid dreaming according to LaBerge and other experts.

Fact about Lucid Dreaming

Fact about Lucid Dreaming

Facts about Lucid Dreaming 5: skepticism

Lucid dreaming is considered as a micro-awakening or brief wakefulness according to some skeptics. Therefore, they believe that it is not a state of sleep.

Facts about Lucid Dreaming 6: the seven awareness

Seven conditions are proposed by Paul Tholey to characterize a dream as lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming should include the awareness of self, dream state, capacity to make a decision, dream’s meaning, memory function, concentration and environment.

Facts about Lucid Dreaming

Facts about Lucid Dreaming

Facts about Lucid Dreaming 7: who is Paul Tholey?

Paul Tholey is a Gestalt theorist and oneirologist from Germany.

Facts about Lucid Dreaming 8: the benefit of lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is always characterized by the awareness of the dreamer while he or she is dreaming. The people who suffer from nightmare can enjoy a great deal of benefit if they are in lucid dreaming state. The nightmare frequency was decreased successfully by having the lucid dreaming therapy according to a study in 2006.

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Facts about Lucid Dreaming 9: the therapy

The therapy is centered on the lucidity exercises, technique mastery and idea exposure about lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming Image

Lucid Dreaming Image

Facts about Lucid Dreaming 10: the expansion of lucid dream‘s narrative therapy

The narrative therapy of lucid dreaming is also explored by Milan Colic. He was a psychologist from Australia who applied the therapy for reducing nightmare, alleviating self-mutilation, decreasing depression and recovering the problem of waking life.

Are you well informed after reading facts about lucid dreaming?