10 Facts about Lucille Clifton

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Read Facts about Lucille Clifton if you want to be informed with the American poet. She was born in Depew, New York on 27th June 1936. She died in Baltimore, Maryland on 13th February 2010. Clifton was also recognized as an educator and writer. Due to her works and contribution in the field of poetry, she was enlisted for the Pulitzer Prize for poetry nomination twice. She gained the title as Poet Laureate of Maryland in 1979 until 1985. Let us find out other interesting facts about Lucille Clifton:

Facts about Lucille Clifton 1: the birth name

The birth name of Clifton was Thelma Lucille Sayles. She was raised in Buffalo, New York. In 1953, she graduated from Fosdick-Masten Park High School.

Facts about Loyalists

Facts about Loyalists

Facts about Lucille Clifton 2: the college education

In 1953 until 1955, she was enrolled at Howard University after being awarded with a scholarship. However, she left the university to attend State University of New York at Fredonia.

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Facts about Lucille Clifton 3: the personal life

Lucille and Fred James Clifton married in 1958. Her husband worked at University of Buffalo as a professor of philosophy. He was also a sculptor who used the African faces as the primary subject.

Facts about Lucille Clifton 4: the occupation of Lucille

In 1958 until 1960, Clifton worked for New York State Division of Employment in Buffalo as a claims clerk. In 1960 until 1970, she was employed in Office of Education in Washington as a literature assistant.

Lucille Clifton Facts

Lucille Clifton Facts

Facts about Lucille Clifton 5: Buffalo Community Drama Workshop

When Clifton was organizing Buffalo Community Drama Workshop, the writer Ishmael Reed introduced Lucille to him.

Facts about Lucille Clifton 6: the poems

The poems of Clifton were included in The Poetry of the Negro, an anthology by Langston Hughes in 1966.

Lucille Clifton Pic

Lucille Clifton Pic

Facts about Lucille Clifton 7: the first poetry collection

Good Time was the title of Clifton’s first poetry collection. The New York Times included the collection into the list of 10 best books in 1969.

Facts about Lucille Clifton 8: the titles

Clifton earned various titles during her life. She was called Poet Laureate for Maryland in 1979 until 1985. She became a visiting writer for George Washington University and Columbia University School in 1982 until 1983.

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Facts about Lucille Clifton 9: the death of her husband

The husband of Lucille died in 1984 after struggling from cancer.

Lucille Clifton Image

Lucille Clifton Image

Facts about Lucille Clifton 10: as a professor

At the University of California, Santa Cruz, Clifton served as a professor for literature and creative writing in 1985 until 1989.

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