10 Facts about Louis Joliet

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Facts about Louis Joliet narrate the life of the French Canadian explorer. He was born on 21st September 1645. He was presumed dead in May 1700. Joliet took the credit due to his discoveries of North America. In 1673, the map of Mississippi River was made by Joliet and Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette. Both were the non-native people. The birthplace of Joliet was located in a French settlement located nearby Quebec City. Let us find out other interesting facts about Joliet below:

Facts about Louis Joliet 1: the death of his father

His father passed away when Joliet was 7. Then his mother and a successful merchant married. The land located on the Ile d’Orleans inhabited by First Nations was owned by his father. During his young age, he could speak aboriginal language. There is no need to wonder that Joliet knew much about them.

Louis Jolliet Signature

Louis Jolliet Signature

Facts about Louis Joliet 2: Quebec

The fur trade of French people was centered in Quebec when Joliet was young.

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Facts about Louis Joliet 3: the education

When he was a child, Joliet was educated at a Jesuit school. He wanted to become a priest so that the center of his education was related to religion and philosophy.

Facts about Louis Joliet 4: music

Music was a part of his study too.  He developed great kill to play organ and harpsichord at the church. Rather than being a priest, Joliet decided to involve in fur trade. Thus, he left the seminary. In 1667, he let go the plan to become a priest.

Facts about Louis Jolliet

Facts about Louis Jolliet

Facts about Louis Joliet 5: the record of Joliet and Marquette

130 years after De Soto was capable of discovering the entrance to Mississippi River in 1541, the persons who explored most of Mississippi River length and had the upper reaches were Joliet and Marquette.

Facts about Louis Joliet 6: the river’s name

The river was called Rio del Espiritu Santo by Henry De Soto. However, the term Mississippi River is very common among the tribes.

Louis Jolliet

Louis Jolliet

Facts about Louis Joliet 7: the length of the travel

The expedition of Joliet and Marquette reached the length of 700 kilometer or 435 mi.

Facts about Louis Joliet 8: personal life

His wife was a Canadian named Claire-Francoise Byssot de la Valtrie.

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Facts about Louis Joliet 9: Island of Antwhere

Island of Antwhere was awarded for Joliet in 1680. He had soldiers and established a fort here.

Louis Jolliet Facts

Louis Jolliet Facts

Facts about Louis Joliet 10: Royal Hydrographer

Joliet earned the position as a Royal Hydrographer in 1693.

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