10 Facts about Los Incas

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The Inca Empire marked the pre-Columbian America. The people were called the Incas. The empire occurred in 1438 until 1533 CE in the present day Peru. The Inca Empire highlighted the peak of Inca Civilization. Before 1438, the Kingdom of Cusco was used to call the Inca State.  The Empire grew after much region of western South America was included in their land through the process of assimilation and conquest. Let us find out other historical Facts about Los Incas:

Facts about Los Incas 1: Spanish rule

The Spanish rule began on the land of Inca after the last Sapa Inca was killed.

Facts about Los Incas

Facts about Los Incas

Facts about Los Incas 2: Sapa Inca

The emperor of Inca Empire was called Sapa Inca. The conquistador Francisco Pizarro captured and killed him to take over the kingdom.

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Facts about Los Incas 3: the Neo-Inca State

The Neo-Inca State was established by the people of the empire who settled at the remote jungles of Vilcabamba. In 1572, the Spanish conquered this small state.

Facts about Los Incas 4: the division of Inca Empire

Inca Empire had four suyus. The capital of empire was Cuzco. Quechua was the official language of Incas. The empire also has at least 700 local spoken languages.

Los Incas

Los Incas

Facts about Los Incas 5: Inti

Inti was known as the sun god in Inca. The leadership of Incas should promote the worship to Gods.

Facts about Los Incas 6: the origin myths

The origin myths of Incas are available in four different types. One of them stated that Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo were ordered by Inti, the sun god to establish the city of Cuzco after emerging from Lake Titicaca. They reached the city through the underground caves. The first dynasty was founded as the King of Cuzco as Hurin Cuzco.

Inca Facts

Inca Facts

Facts about Los Incas 7: another myth

Another myth stated that Inti, the sun god felt lonely. His wife told him to create a civilization to keep him company and worship him. Lake Cusco was created to bear Incas who worshipped him.

Facts about Los Incas 8: the oral tradition

The four types of origin of Incas were told from generation to the next generation through the oral tradition.

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Facts about Los Incas 9: the leader of the Inca tribe

Manco Cápac was believed to be the leader of the Inca tribe. However, the evidence about his existence is still limited.



Facts about Los Incas 10: Pachacuti

Pachacuti was the Sapa Inca who ruled the Empire in 1438 AD.

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