10 Facts about Lucknow

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Let me show the unique information about the capital of Uttar Pradesh, India on Facts about Lucknow. It earns the title as the 11th largest city by population in India. In the state of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is the largest one. In 18th and 19th century, Lucknow is called as the central power of Nawabs.  This multicultural city is famous due to its amazing artistic hub and North Indian culture.

Facts about Lucknow 1: the importance of Lucknow

Lucknow is an important city not only in Uttar Pradesh, but also in India. It is the center of music, tourism, technology, design, pharmaceutical, finance, commerce, education, governance, technology, culture, aerospace and administration.

Facts about Lucknow

Facts about Lucknow

Facts about Lucknow 2: the elevation

Lucknow sits at the height of 404 feet or 123 m above the sea elevation. The area covered by the Lucknow district is 976 square miles or 2,528 sq km.

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Facts about Lucknow 3: the primary language

The primary language in Lucknow is Hindi. Many people also speak Urdu. The highest number of Shia Muslim people in India is located in Lucknow.

Facts about Lucknow 4: independence

On 15th August 1947, Lucknow and the rest of India gained their independence from Britain.

Lucknow Facts

Lucknow Facts

Facts about Lucknow 5: Gomti River

One of the most important geographical features in Lucknow is Gomti River, which divides the city in two areas of Cis-Gomti and Trans-Gomti areas.

Facts about Lucknow 6: climate

In the end of March and June, Lucknow has the hot summer season. In mid-November to February, it has the cool and dry winter season. In July to mid-September, it has the rainy season. The rate of precipitation is around 35.28 inches or 896.2 ml. The climate is humid subtropical.

Lucknow 1914

Lucknow 1914

Facts about Lucknow 7: the forest

The forest only occupies 4.66 percent of the total area of Lucknow. The trees planted in Lucknow include mango, khajur, peepal, neem, dhak, shisham and babul.

Facts about Lucknow 8: the major crops

The locals in Lucknow like to grow tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflowers, brinjals, potatoes, mustard, sugarcane, paddy and wheat as their major crops.

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Facts about Lucknow 9: Lucknow Zoo

If you want to spot the collection of various animals from Asia and other parts of the world, visit Lucknow Zoo. In 1921, the zoo was founded.

Lucknow Fauna

Lucknow Fauna

Facts about Lucknow 10: the economy

The GDP of Lucknow is among the highest ones India. The primary industries are focused on machine tools, aeronautics, Chikan embroidery, furniture and distillery chemicals.

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