10 Facts about Lydia Darragh

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If you want to know the American woman who crossed the British lines, check Facts about Lydia Darragh. The action of Darragh took place when the American civil war broke out. At that time, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was occupied by British. Darragh was born in 1729 and died on 28 December 1789. She played a major role during the American Revolutionary war by providing information for George Washington and his continental army.

Facts about Lydia Darragh 1: the information

It was believed that Darragh told George Washington that the British attack was postponed.

Facts about Lydia Darragh 2: who is Darragh?

Have you ever heard about Darragh before? The birthplace of Darragh was located in Dublin, Ireland. Her mother was Mary, while her father was John Barrington.

Facts about Lydia Darragh

Facts about Lydia Darragh

Facts about Lydia Darragh 3: the family life

There were six kids in the family and Darragh was the youngest one.  Lydia and William Darragh married on 2nd November 1753. Her husband was a son of a clergyman. He was the tutor of Lydia’s family.

Facts about Lydia Darragh 4: migration

The couple relocated to Philadelphia a few years after the marriage. Lydia would be a midwife, while her husband would be a tutor.

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Facts about Lydia Darragh 5: kids

The couple was blessed with five kids. They were Charles, Ann, John, William, and Susannah.

Lydia Darragh School

Lydia Darragh School

Facts about Lydia Darragh 6: education

If you think that Lydia was an educated woman, you are wrong. She did not receive proper education due to the lack of money that her parents had.

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Facts about Lydia Darragh 7: Darragh and Charles

Charles was the son of Darragh who served in the continental army on the second Pennsylvania Regiment. Philadelphia was controlled by British soldiers on 26 September 1777. Charles got information related to the movement and plan of British troops from his mother. She used pieces of scrap paper containing simple code to write the simple information.

Facts about Lydia Darragh 8: the important information

Lydia found out that British soldiers would leave the city on 4 December. George Washington and his continental army who camped at White Marsh would get the surprise attack from British troops. She crossed the British line and gave the information for the Americans.

Lydia Darragh

Lydia Darragh

Facts about Lydia Darragh 9: leaving the house of Darragh

The British soldiers left Philadelphia in June 1778. On 8 June 1783, William Darragh died.

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Facts about Lydia Darragh 10: the later life

She and her kids relocated to a new house in 1786. On 28 December 1789, she died and buried at Fourth and Arch Streets for the Quakers.

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