10 Facts about Manchester England

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Facts about Manchester England make us learn about the famous city in Greater Manchester, England. In 2013, the city was occupied by 514,414 people. The urban area of Manchester is inhabited by 2.55 million people, which makes it as the second most populous one in UK. Manchester City Council serves as the local authority. In 19th century, the town grew and expanded. It was only known as a manorial township during middle Ages. Here are other interesting facts about Manchester to notice:

Facts about Manchester England 1: industrial revolution

The rapid development of Manchester was spotted during the Industrial Revolution when people began to manufacture textile. Thus, it appeared as the first industrialized city in the world.

Facts about Manchester England 2: Manchester Ship Canal

In 1894, Manchester Ship Canal was opened in town. Port of Manchester was housed in the canal, which connected Manchester with the sea.

Facts about Manchester England

Facts about Manchester England

Facts about Manchester England 3: after the World War 2

After the World War 2, Manchester had to deal with the economic hardship. The regeneration and interment took place again in 1996.

Facts about Manchester England 4: the attractions

In United Kingdom, Manchester is the third most popular city to visit by the tourists.   The people are impressed with the musical exports, culture and architecture in the city. It is also a home of sports clubs, engineering output and media links.

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Facts about Manchester England 5: climate

The winter season in Manchester is cool, while the summer season is mild. The climate is temperate Oceanic.

Manchester England Facts

Manchester England Facts

Facts about Manchester England 6: the yearly rainfall

Manchester has the yearly rainfall of 31.76 inches or 806.6 millimeters. The precipitation level in Manchester is light, yet regular.

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Facts about Manchester England 7: the population

In 1931, Manchester had its peak of population with 766,311 people during the Victorian period.  It was a home for 510,700 people according to the estimation in 2012. By 2021, Manchester will be a home for 532,200 people.

Facts about Manchester England 8: architecture

The buildings in Manchester are designed in different kinds of architectures. You can spot the contemporary building or even the classic Victorian styled architecture.

Manchester England

Manchester England

Facts about Manchester England 9: the red bricks

Most buildings in Manchester are constructed using the impressive red bricks.

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Facts about Manchester England 10: skyscrapers

A number of skyscrapers in Manchester were built in 1960s to 1970s. CIS Tower was the tallest one. The record was surpassed by Beetham Tower in 2006.

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