10 Facts about Margaret Calvert

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Facts about Margaret Calvert inform us with the typographer and graphic designer from Britain. She was born in 1936. The famous work of Calvert is in collaboration with Jock Kinneir.  Most road signs found in United Kingdom were designed by both. Their works were also spotted in signs of airports, British railway system. The latter one employs the Rail Alphabet font.  The road signs employed the Transport font. Let us get other unique facts about Calvert below:

Facts about Margaret Calvert 1: the exclusive works

Calvert and Kinneir created a typeface, which turned into New Transport. The GOV.UK website used it as their single domain.

Facts about Margaret Calvert 2: the birthplace of Calvert

The birthplace of Calvert was located in South Africa. In 1950, she relocated to England. She was educated at St Paul’s Girls’ School. Then she continued her study at Chelsea College of Art.

Facts about Margaret Calvert

Facts about Margaret Calvert

Facts about Margaret Calvert 3: the most effective combination

Calvert and Kinneir taught that the most effective combination of signs for Gatwick Airport was black on the yellow background.  Kinneir earned the position as the head of signs for British’s roads in 1957.

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Facts about Margaret Calvert 4: the road sign system

Calvert was hired by Kinnear to redesign the road system design. She picked the easy-to-understand and simple pictograms to redesign the system.

Facts about Margaret Calvert 5: the signs designed by Calvert

Some signs designed by Calvert included ‘schoolchildren nearby’ and ‘men at work’. The former one is depicted by a girl leads a by hand. The latter one depicts a man digging.

Margaret Calvert Pic

Margaret Calvert Pic

Facts about Margaret Calvert 6: signage review

Signage review was mandatory for all British roads after the British government applied the Worboys Committee.

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Facts about Margaret Calvert 7: an honorary degree

In 2004, University of Arts London awarded her with an honorary degree.

Facts about Margaret Calvert 8: commercial fonts

Calvert also took the credit for the design for commercial fonts. In 1980, she created a slab serif design called Calvert font.

Margaret Calvert

Margaret Calvert

Facts about Margaret Calvert 9: the commercial appearance

On January 3, 2010, Calvert took part in Top Gear where she talked about the road signs in United Kingdom.

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Facts about Margaret Calvert 10: OBE

Due to her service in road safety and typography, she earned OBE or Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2016.

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