10 Facts about Margaret Mitchell

Post On: May 25, 2017
By: Agustina

Are you interested to know Facts about Margaret Mitchell? You have to read the full post below. Mitchell was born on 8th November 1900 and died on 16th August 1949. She was known as a journalist and author in United States. Gone with the Wind was the most famous work of Mitchell. It was a novel with the setting in American Civil War.

Facts about Margaret Mitchell 1: Gone with the Wind

In 1936, she was awarded with the National Book Award for Most Distinguished Novel for Gone with the Wind. In 1937, she earned a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

Facts about Margaret Mitchell 2: Lost Laysen

Lost Laysen was another work of Mitchell. She wrote it during her teenage years. It was a collection of her girlhood writings.

Facts about Margaret Mitchell

Facts about Margaret Mitchell

Facts about Margaret Mitchell 3: articles

Mitchell provided articles for The Atlanta Journal.  The collection of her articles had been published in a book.

Facts about Margaret Mitchell 4: the childhood period

Mitchell was raised on Jackson Hill, Atlanta during her childhood. Annie Stephens was the maternal grandmother of Mitchell. Both had stormy relationship when Mitchell reached her adulthood.

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Facts about Margaret Mitchell 5: a traumatic accident

When Mitchell was three years old, her dress was caught in a fire, which made her mother traumatic toward the incident.

Margaret Mitchell Facts

Margaret Mitchell Facts

Facts about Margaret Mitchell 6:  boy’ pants

Her mother decided to wear her boy’s pants since she was afraid that her dress would be caught on fire again. It made her earn a nickname Jimmy.

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Facts about Margaret Mitchell 7: Jimmy

She was called Jimmy until she was 14 years old. She spent time with her bother since she had no sisters.

Facts about Margaret Mitchell 8: the right to vote

The women in United States were granted with the right to vote when Mitchell was 19 years old.

Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell

Facts about Margaret Mitchell 9: an avid reader

Mitchell described herself as an avid reader. She liked reading the Rover Boys and the Tom Swift series when she was young. Other works that she read were from Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare and Sir Walter Scott. The Phoenix and the Carpet (1904) and Five Children and It (1902) were the two most favorite books of Mitchells when she was a child.

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Facts about Margaret Mitchell 10: death

Mitchell passed away five days after she was stuck by an automobile at Grady Hospital. She was aged 48.

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