10 Facts about Margery Kempe

Post On: May 26, 2017
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Why don’t you check facts about Margery Kempe to know the English Christian mystic? She was born circa 1373 and died after 1438. The Book of Margery Kempe is considered as the famous writing of Kempe.  People consider the work as the first English autobiography. In the book, she narrated her story about mystical conversation with God, her pilgrimages and domestic suffering. Let us get other facts about Margery Kempe below:

Facts about Margery Kempe 1: honor

Kempe does not earn a status as a Roman Catholic Saint even though the Anglican Communion honors her.

Facts about Margery Kempe 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Kempe was located in Bishop’s Lynn in Norfolk, England in 1373.  Her birth name is Margery Burnham or Brunham.

Facts about Margery Kempe

Facts about Margery Kempe

Facts about Margery Kempe 3: parents

John Brunham was the father of Kempe who became an MP and mayor of Lynn. Moreover, he was also known as a merchant.

Facts about Margery Kempe 4: the occupation as a merchant

The downturn of economy, which took place in 1390s, affected his income as a merchant. However, John was always known by the people as a successful politician.

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Facts about Margery Kempe 5: the record about Brunham

The first record about the Brunham was related to Ralph de Brunham. In the Red Register of Lynn, Ralph de Brunham was mentioned. He was the grandfather of Kempe. He was a member of the Parliament of Lynn by 1340.

Margery Kempe Facts

Margery Kempe Facts

Facts about Margery Kempe 6: Robert Brunham

Robert Brunham was believed to be the brother or kinsman of Margery. In 1402 and 1417, he was an MP of Lynn.

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Facts about Margery Kempe 7: the formal education

The official record whether she had formal education is not discovered until today. It was believed that she could not read.

Facts about Margery Kempe 8: John Kempe

In 1394, Margery married to John Kempe when she was 25. The couple was blessed with 14 kids. During her adulthood, she claimed that she had various experiences and visions related to Christ.

Margery Kempe

Margery Kempe

Facts about Margery Kempe 9: illness

Kempe felt ill for at least 8 months after the birth of the first child. She believed that the demons tried to make her commit suicide. She also stated that Jesus Christ envisioned her.

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Facts about Margery Kempe 10: religious figures

Kempe also believed that some religious figures like God, Mary and Jesus had contacted her.

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