10 Facts about Maria Theresa

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Have you ever read anything about the only female ruler from House of Habsburg?  Facts about Maria Theresa will give you more information about this Duchess of Lorraine. She was born on May 13th, 1717 and died on November 29th, 1780. Her full name was Maria Theresa Walburga Amalia Christina. Due to her marriage, she earned the title as Holy Roman Empress and Grand Duchess of Tuscany.

Facts about Maria Theresa 1: the reign

In October 1740, Emperor Charles VI passed away. Therefore, the power was handed down to Theresa.

Facts about Maria Theresa 2: securing the accession

Her father spent most of his life tried to secure the accession of Theresa as the ruler. Thus, he established Pragmatic Sanction of 1713.

Facts about Maria Theresa

Facts about Maria Theresa

Facts about Maria Theresa 3: rejection

Pragmatic Sanction of 1713 was rejected by Bavaria, Prussia, France and Saxony after the death of Theresa’s father.

Facts about Maria Theresa 4: the War of the Austrian Succession

The War of the Austrian Succession lasted for nine years. Frederick II of Prussia tried to take over Habsburg province of Silesia by invading her nation. During most of her reign, the biggest opponent of Theresa was Frederick II of Prussia.

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Facts about Maria Theresa 5: Habsburg Empire

Theresa was still capable to maintain most areas occupied by Habsburg Empire after the war even though few territories in Italy and Silesia were captured by Frederick of Prussia.

Maria Theresa Wedding

Maria Theresa Wedding

Facts about Maria Theresa 6: the Seven Years’ War

The Seven Years’ War was also important during the reign of Theresa for it marked her failure to recapture Silesia.

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Facts about Maria Theresa 7: personal life

Theresa was married to Holy Roman Emperor, Francis I. The couple was blessed with 11 daughters and five sons.

Facts about Maria Theresa 8: the notable children

The notable children of Theresa and her husband included Leopold II and Joseph II. Both were Holy Roman Emperors. Her famous daughters were the Duchess of Parma, Queen of Naples and Sicily and Queen of France and Navarre.

Maria Theresa Young

Maria Theresa Young

Facts about Maria Theresa 9: smallpox

In May 1767, she contracted smallpox from Maria Josepha of Bavaria, her daughter-in-law. However, she survived from the disease.

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Facts about Maria Theresa 10: relationship with kids

Maria Antonia was the youngest daughter of Maria Theresa who married to Dauphin of France in April 1770.  Theresa was critical about her children. The only child, which earned less criticism from Theresa, was Maria Christina. However, she was not capable to please her mother due to her failure to produce a surviving child.

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