10 Facts about Mark Powell

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Check Facts about Mark Powell if you want to know the renowned American photographer. He was born on 4th September 1968 as Mark Alor Powell. His birthplace was located in Decatur, Illinois. The famous works of Powell are related to the unusual scenes captured on his photos. They describe the people and street scenes in Mexico City and Detroit. You have to check the unique photos of Powell to know his amazing sense as a photographer.  Here are other useful facts about Mark Powell to notice:

Facts about Mark Powell 1: exhibition

The works of Powell have been exhibited in a number of galleries. In Mexico City, he exhibited his works at Museo El Eco. Powell also showed off his works in New York City at New Museum. Brooklyn Institute of Contemporary Art also exhibited his works.

Facts about Mark Powell 2: personal life

Talking about his personal life, Powell and his wife, Karina Morales had two children. They are Julian and Agatha. Now the family settles in Mexico City.

Facts about Mark Powell

Facts about Mark Powell

Facts about Mark Powell 3: an organization

Powell is one of the prominent members of In-Public street photography collective.

Facts about Mark Powell 4: publications

During his career as a photographer, Powell has created a number of publications related to his works. V.I.P. (Very Important Person) is the publication by Mark Powell.

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Facts about Mark Powell 5: other publications

Powell played as a contributor in other publications. Fotolog Book: A Global Snapshot for the Digital Age is one of the contributed publications.

Mark Alor Powell

Mark Alor Powell

Facts about Mark Powell 6: Los que se Quedan

Los que se Quedan is an important book where Powell serves as the contributor. In English, the title is Those Who Remain.

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Facts about Mark Powell 7: inspiration

A documentary film was made based on the story in the book, which depicted the life of the families who lived in Mexico. The social and economic impact divided the Mexican families in two parts.  The first one was the Mexican people who decided to leave Mexico by migrating to other countries. The second part was those who decide to stay in Mexico.

Facts about Mark Powell 8: an award in 2013

Powell was awarded with Editorial RM Fotolibro prize in 2013.

Powell Facts

Powell Facts

Facts about Mark Powell 9: the solo exhibition

In 2007, Powell exhibited in Chicago and San Miguel Allende, Mexico.

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Facts about Mark Powell 10: the solo exhibition in 2015

Powell launched his solo exhibition in Mexico City at Arróniz Arte Contemporaneo in 2015.

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