10 Facts about Maroon 5

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Facts about Maroon 5 tell the readers about the American pop rock band. Adam Levine still serves as the lead vocalist of the band.  other members of Maroon 5 include keyboardist PJ Morton, drummer Matt Flynn, lead guitarist James Valentine, bassist Mickey Madden, and keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmichael. The band comes from Los Angeles, California. You will know more about Maroon 5 if you read the whole post below:

Facts about Maroon 5 1: the original members

Actually, Maroon 5 only had four original members. In 1994, it was established as Kara’s Flowers. The original members were Ryan Dusick as the drummer, Mickey Madden as the bass guitar, Jesse Carmichael as the backing vocal and rhythm guitarist and Adam Levine as the lead guitarist and lead vocalist. They established the band during the high school period.

Facts about Maroon 5 2: the self-released album

We Like Digging? was the title of the self-released album of Maroon 5. In 1997, the band was capable to launch their album under the title The Fourth World after Reprise Records signed the band.

Facts about Maroon 5

Facts about Maroon 5

Facts about Maroon 5 3: failure

The band decided to leave the record due to the low response of the album. The members decided to study at the college.

Facts about Maroon 5 3: the new image

The new image was established by the band due to the presence of James Valentine in 2001. The band was renamed into Maroon 5 to establish a new direction.

Facts about Maroon 5 4: the debut album

In June 2002, the debut album of Maroon 5 was released under the title Songs About Jane after the band was signed by Octone Records. It is a subsidiary of J Records.

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Facts about Maroon 5 5: the lead single

The notable single from the first album was “Harder to Breathe”. Due to the popularity of the song, the album was capable to sit at no.6 on Billboard 200 chart.

Maroon 5

Maroon 5

Facts about Maroon 5 6: the award

In 2005, Maroon 5 won Best New Artist during Grammy Award. The album was certified platinum in 2004.

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Facts about Maroon 5 7: the worldwide tour

The extensive worldwide tour was conducted by Maroon 5 for the following years after the success of Songs about Jane.

Facts about Maroon 5 8: Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn was the replacement of Dusick who left the band in 2006 due to shoulder and wrist injuries.

Maroon 5 Facts

Maroon 5 Facts

Facts about Maroon 5 9: the second album

It Won’t Be Soon Before Long was the second album of Maroon 5 launched in May 2007.

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Facts about Maroon 5 10: the third album

The third studio album was released under the title Hands All Over.

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