10 Facts about Mark Ronson

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Facts about Mark Ronson elaborate the information about the notable English musician. He is also known as a record producer, songwriter, singer and DJ. Ronson was born on September 4th, 1975. He was born as Mark Daniel Ronson. The first album is Here Comes the Fuzz. It was not widely received by the audiences. However, he is capable to capture the attention of the people with the second album under the title Version. In 2008, he obtained Best British Male Solo Artist in Brit Award. Let us check other interesting facts about Mark Ronson below:

Facts about Mark Ronson 1: the third album

On 27 September 2010, Ronson released Record Collection as the third studio album. In United Kingdom chart, it took number two.

Facts about Mark Ronson 2: “Uptown Funk”

Bruno Mars provided the vocal for “Uptown Funk” by Ronson. It was the number one single for Ronson, which sat at number one on US and UK charts in 2014.

Facts about Mark Ronson

Facts about Mark Ronson

Facts about Mark Ronson 3: the impressive song

“Uptown Funk” was considered as the best song from Ronson which made him obtain Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Record of the Year in 2016 Grammy award and British Single for the Year in 2015 Brit Award.

Facts about Mark Ronson 4: Uptown Special

In January 2015, Ronson released Uptown Special as his fourth studio album. In US, it took the fifth place. It took the first place for the UK chart album.

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Facts about Mark Ronson 5: Adele

The first album of Adele was titled 19 where Ronson produced “Cold Shoulder”.

Mark Ronson 2012

Mark Ronson 2012

Facts about Mark Ronson 6: the critical acclaim

The critical acclaim for Ronson as a producer was due to his work on Back to Black. It was the album of Amy Winehouse where he served as the producer. It made him earned Record of the Year for the single “Rehab” in Grammy Award along with Producer of the Year, Non-Classical, Best Pop Vocal Album awards.

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Facts about Mark Ronson 7: Record of the Year

Ronson earned Best Record of the Year twice during Grammy Award. One was for his performance as a singer. The other one was when he served as a producer.

Facts about Mark Ronson 8: the birthplace

The birthplace of Ronson was located in St John’s Wood, London. His mother is Ann Dexter. His father worked as a music manager and a real estate speculator named Laurence Ronson.

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson

Facts about Mark Ronson 9: Jewish heritage

His parents are Jewish. Ronson had Jewish upbringing by having a Bar Mitzvah ceremony and embraced Masorti Judaism.

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Facts about Mark Ronson 10: Gerald Ronson

Gerald Ronson is the uncle of Mark Ronson. Gerald is known as a businessperson.

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