10 Facts about Mary Celeste

Post On: July 5, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Mary Celeste discuss about the American merchant brigantine. On 5th December 1872, the discovery of the ship took place off the Azores Island in the Atlantic Ocean. Dei Gratia was the Canadian brigantine, which found it without lifeboat. Why don’t you read the following post below for details about Mary Celeste?

Facts about Mary Celeste 1: the crew

The people on board were never seen again. However, the personal belongings of the crew and captain and cargo of alcohol were still present.

Facts about Mary Celeste 2: building the ship

The site for building Mary Celeste was located in Spencer’s Island, Nova Scotia.

Mary Celeste 1861

Mary Celeste 1861

Facts about Mary Celeste 3: launching

In 1861, the British Registration launched Mary Celeste. In 1868, the transfer of Mary Celeste took place for the American registration and ownership.

Facts about Mary Celeste 4: the recovery

The recovery of Mary Celeste led into the development of various theories related to the disappearance of the crew and captain. One of them was related to the conspiracy to having salvage fraud or insurance. Another one was due to the piracy conducted by the crew of Dei Gratia or mutiny by the crew of Mary Celeste.

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Facts about Mary Celeste 5: the evidence

Even though possibilities occurred related to the disappearance of the crew and captain, they were not supported with enough evidence.

Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste

Facts about Mary Celeste 6: the mystery

The mystery related to Mary Celeste is still unresolved until today. The speculation grew by the time it disappeared. The false details and fantasy made the speculation even worse and more complicated.

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Facts about Mary Celeste 7: Hypotheses

Various hypotheses arose about it. It had been associated with seaquakes, effect of alcohol fumes, paranormal intervention and giant squid’s attack.

Facts about Mary Celeste 8: the new owners

The new owners of Mary Celeste still used it after the Gibraltar hearings took place. There was an attempt by the captain to commit insurance fraud by wrecking off the ship on Haitian coast in 1885.

Facts about Mary Celeste

Facts about Mary Celeste

Facts about Mary Celeste 9: the story about Mary Celeste

The story of Mary Celeste in 1872 has been dramatized in popular culture.

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Facts about Mary Celeste 10: the description

The ship has the length of 30.30 meters or 99.3 feet. It had the depth of 3.6 metres or 11.7 feet. The width was 7.8 metres or 25.5 feet.

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