Top 10 Facts about London Underground

Post On: March 5, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about London Underground will inform us with the public rapid transit system. The Tube is the common nickname of London Underground. The passengers from Greater London and its surrounding areas such as Hertfordshire, Essex and Buckinghamshire are covered by this system. In 1863, the Metropolitan railway was opened. It takes the status as the first underground railway in the world. Today, this railway system is included in the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan line.

Facts about London Underground 1: the expansion

There were at least 1.34 billion passengers, which had been carried by London Underground. The network has 11 lines.  It takes the status as the eleventh busiest metro system in the world.

London Underground Pic

London Underground Pic

Facts about London Underground 2: the daily passengers

The daily passengers covered by London Underground are around 4.8 million.

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Facts about London Underground 3: the method

The cut-and-cover method is applied on the first tunnels of London Underground system. They are located just below the surface area.

Facts about London Underground 4: the system of underground

The track has the length of 400 kilometer or 250 miles. There are 270 stations here.

London Underground Facts

London Underground Facts

Facts about London Underground 5: the name of system

Even though the system is called London Underground, only 45 percent of it is located at the underground tunnels. The major parts are located on the surface.

Facts about London Underground 6: the southern parts

Even though it mainly serves Greater London, the southern parts are not covered entirely. The south area of River Thames only features 10 percent of London Underground Stations.

Facts about London Underground

Facts about London Underground

Facts about London Underground 7: the current operator

LUL or London Underground Limited is the current operator of the system. Do you know that TfL owns the LUL? TfL stands for Transport for London, which has the responsibility to manage the transport networks in Greater London.

Facts about London Underground 8: passenger fares

The passenger’s fares contribute to 92 percent of the operational expenditure of London Underground.

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Facts about London Underground 9: Harry Beck

Harry Beck was the designer of the schematic Tube map in 1931. In 2006, his design was voted as the national design icon.

London Underground Map

London Underground Map

Facts about London Underground 10: the present day map

The original map of London Underground was printed for the first time in 1933. The original design is altered and used as the present day map. It features the London Underground, London Tramlink, Emirates Air Line, London Overground and Docklands Light Railway.

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