10 Facts about Messerschmitt

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Congratulation that you find this article regards the 10 Facts about Messerschmitt. Messerschmitt AG was a German aircraft manufacturing corporation (AG) named after its chief designer Willy Messerschmitt and known primarily for its World War II fighter aircraft, in particular, the Bf 109 and Me 262. Lets us read the description below to know more information about Messerschmitt.

Facts about Messerschmitt 1: The Background History of Messerschmitt

The south German engineering company MAN AG and several banks purchased the unprofitable aircraft builder Otto Flugzeugwerke, starting a new company, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG (abbreviate B.F.W) in February 1916. Peter Eberwein was the first chairman of the board management, he had previously been employed at Albatros Flugzeugwerke.

Facts about Messerschmitt 2: The Reestablishement of Messerschmitt

In 1926, Bayerissche Flugzeugwerke (BFW) in Augsburg, Bavaria, when Udet Flugzeubau GmbH was changed into a joint-stock company. In the early stages, BMW AG held a stake in this company and was represented by Joseph Popp, who held a place in the Supervisory Board.

the amazing facts about messerschmitt

Facts about Messerschmitt 3: The Early Year of Messerschmitt Company

In 1927, Willy Messerschmitt joined with the company and he become a chief of designer and engineer and formed a design team. The Messerschmitt 20 is the first designs.

Facts about Messerschmitt 4: The Messerschmitt in The World War II

Messerschmitt became a major design supplier during the war Messerschmitt. The Bf 109 and Bf 110 type is the vast majority of fighter strength for the first half o f the war.

Facts about Messerschmitt 5: The Other Types of Messerschmitt that Ordered during the World War II

The other designs that ordered during the world war II including the enormous Me 321 Gigant transport glider, and its six engined follow on , the Me 323.

Facts about Messerschmitt 6: Messerschmitt in the Post-War

The company was not allowed to produce aircraft for ten years after World War II. Then the company produced the three-wheeled motorcyce/bubble car or Kabinenroller (cabinscooter) KR175/KR200, designed by an aircraft engineer, Fritz Fend as the alternatives. The Messerschmitt factory also prduced prefabricated houses, that was designed as “self-building-kits” mainly based on an alloy framework.

the amazing facts about messerschmitt

Facts about Messerschmitt 7: Return to Aviation

Messerschmitt AG merged with the small civil engineering  and civil aviation firm called Bolkow on 6 June 1968 then the name became Messerschmitt-Bolkow. After that, the company merged Hamburger Flugzeugbau (HFB) and the name changed to Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm (MBB).

Facts about Messerschmitt 8: The Messerschmitt Aircraft from 1925-1928

Messerschmitt has produced many aircrafts in 1925-1931 namely M17 (sports aircraft), M18 (passanger transport), M19 (sports aircraft), M20 (passanger transport), M21 (prototype biplane trainer), M22 (prototype biplane medium bomber), M23 (sports aircraft).

Facts about Messerschmitt 9: The Messerschmitt Aircraft from 1929-1934

The aircraft that produced between 1929 and 1934 including M24 (passanger transport), M26 (prototype light aircraft), M27 (Sports Aircraft), M28 (prototype mail plane), M29 (passanger aircraft), M31 (sports aircraft), M35 (sports aircraft developed from M23), M36 (passanger transport).

the amazing facts about messerschmitt

Facts about Messerschmitt 10: The Messerschmitt Aircraft in 1943

The aircraft that has produced in 1943 was Me 410.

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