10 Facts about Maglev Transport

Post On: April 16, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Maglev Transport will explain to the readers about a type of transport mode. The contact of the vehicles with the ground is absent for it uses the magnetic levitation. The high speed is achieved by the vehicles due to the decreased friction. The propulsion and lift are produced by using the magnets. There will be no moving parts found in the maglev technology. Compared to the wheeled mass transit systems, the quieter and smoother transportation is offered by maglev trains. Check other interesting facts about maglev transport below:

Facts about Maglev Transport 1: the speed

The speed records for trains are taken by maglev trains. It has the ability to produce the super high speed.

Facts about Maglev Transport 2: efficiency

It is more efficient to use maglev transport than the conventional ones. The former one has construction that is more expensive. However, the maintenance is cheaper than the high-speed train with wheel.

Facts about Maglev Transport

Facts about Maglev Transport

Facts about Maglev Transport 3: the operation

Even though Maglev train has high speed and great efficiency, only three countries in the world have operated it. They are China, Korea and Japan.

Facts about Maglev Transport 4: commercial operation

The commercial operation of Shanghai’s Transrapid system took place in April 2004. The low-speed HSST Linimo line started to operate in Japan in March 2005. More than 10 million passengers had been carried by the linimo for the first three months since its first operation.

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Facts about Maglev Transport 5: in South Korea

Maglev train is also operated in South Korea. On 3rd February 2016, the country had the first regular operation of Incheon Airport Maglev.

Maglev Transport Pic

Maglev Transport Pic

Facts about Maglev Transport 6: the low speed maglev

The program of low speed maglev began to develop in China. Previously, the country applied the German technology for Transrapid in Shanghai.

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Facts about Maglev Transport 7: the high-speed maglev line

Japan has a plan to develop a new high-speed maglev line. The construction will be scheduled in 2017. It will be operated some time in 2027.

Facts about Maglev Transport 8: the first maglev train

The first maglev train was Transrapid 05. It was intended for passenger rain, which had longstator propulsion. It had carried 50,000 passengers three months after it was exhibited. In 1980, the re-assembly process took place in Kassel.

Maglev Transport Facts

Maglev Transport Facts

Facts about Maglev Transport 9: the first commercial maglev

In 1984, the first commercial maglev system in the world was operated in United Kingdom.

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Facts about Maglev Transport 10: closing

Even though the operation of the first commercial maglev system was successful at first, it became less popular over the years due to the unreliability. In 1995, the operation was stopped.

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