10 Facts about London Buses

Post On: March 3, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about London Buses will tell the readers about the buses services in Greater London under the subsidiary of TfL or Transport for London. Greater London Authority Act 1999 enacted the formation of London Buses. With the act, the Transport of London becomes the formal institution, which controls the bus services for Greater London and its surrounding area. At first, it was controlled by London Regional Transport of United Kingdom Government. The Mayor of London controls the Transport of London. Find out other interesting facts about London buses below:

Facts about London Buses 1: the important jobs or responsibilities of TfL

Can you mention some responsibilities or jobs of TfL. The institution has the job to monitor the service quality, plan new bus routes, specify service level, revise the existing bus routes, and provide information about London buses and many more.

Facts about London Buses

Facts about London Buses

Facts about London Buses 2: other jobs

There are many other jobs of Transport of London to the London buses. The leaflet maps related to London buses are produced by TfL. It can be accessed offline and online. The bus stops and bus stations are also under the management of TfL.

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Facts about London Buses 3: the tendering system

The tendering system is applied to all bus operations. The price per route of the bus operated will be set by the operators after they have the bid for routes. The operators usually have the five-year contract. If the performance criteria are met; the contract can be extended for two years.

Facts about London Buses 4: the routes

TfL establishes and controls the routes of London buses.

London Bus Pictures

London Bus Pictures

Facts about London Buses 5: CentreComm

The passengers can access CentreComm to find out the day-to-day assistance.

Facts about London Buses 6: who drives London Buses?

London buses are driven by the staff provided by the operators.

London Bus

London Bus

Facts about London Buses 7: the bus maps

There are various bus maps published by London buses. The bus numbers are used to mark the traditional street maps of London.

Facts about London Buses 8: the spider maps

The first spider maps were introduced by Transport of London in 2002.

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Facts about London Buses 9: the legal identity

LBSL, which stands for London Bus Services Limited, is considered as the legal identity of London Buses.

London Bus Facts

London Bus Facts

Facts about London Buses 10: the passengers

More than 1.8 billion passengers have been carried by London Buses this year. It has at least 700 routes and 8000 scheduled buses.

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