10 Facts about Maurice Ravel

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Facts about Maurice Ravel talks about an amazing French composer. This taltented artist not only expertise at composer, but he was a pianist and conductor also. He was associated with impressionism. The detail of the information about Joseph Maurice Ravel will be described below.

Facts about Maurice Ravel 1: Early Life

Joseph Maurice Ravel was born on March 7, 1875 in Basque town of Ciboure, France, it was near Biarritz, around 18 kilometres from the Spanish border.

Facts about Maurice Ravel 2: Family

Ravel was born from the educated family. Pierre Joseph Ravel, his father, was an successful engineer, inventor and manufacturer and he was born in Versoix. His mother, Marie Nee Delouart, was born in Basque. Ravel’s parents had married in the 19th century and they were Roman Chatolics. The family moved to Paris, then Ravel’s young brother was born, he closed with his father and followed into engineering profession, while Maurice Ravel devoted his life with his mother and she gave great influence on Ravel’s life.

Facts about Maurice Ravel

Facts about Maurice Ravel 3: Educational Background

There was no comprehensive information about Ravel’s early formal education. Roger Nichols, his biographer, stated that the boy may have been chiefly educated by his father. At the age of seven, Ravel attended piano lessons with Henry Ghys, and five years later, in 1887, he started to study harmony, counterpoint and composition with Charles Rene. Charles Rene saw that Ravel’s conception of music was natural to him. In 1889, Ravel studied at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, Ravel much influence by the new Russian works  conducted by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

Facts about Maurice Ravel 4: Ravel’s Life

Vaughan Williams’s recollections gave a bit information about Ravel’s private life. He has  secretive personality. Surprisingly, Ravel has lack of confidence with women. By other accounts, Ravel was in love with Misia Edwards or wanted to marry a vilinist, Helena Jourdan-Morhange, moreover, Rosenthal stated that Ravel may have been homosexual. Such speculation recurred in 2000 life of Ravel by Benjamin Ivry, he concluded that Ravel’s sexuality and personal life was still a mystery.

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Facts about Maurice Ravel 5: Paris Conservatoir

Ravel won as the best participant in the Conservatoire’s piano competition in 1891.

Facts about Maurice Ravel 6: Awards

Ravel had won France’s most prestigious prize for young composers, namely, the Prix de Rome, then in 1901 he won the second best for the same prize.


Ravel’s Piano Class

Facts about Maurice Ravel 7: Honours

He accepted as honorary membership of Royal Philharmonic Society in 1921, the Belgian Ordre de Leopold in 1926 and an honorary doctorace from the University of Oxford in 1928.

Facts about Maurice Ravel 8: Works

Some earliest Ravel’s works which was finished in 1893, such as Serenade grotesque and Ballade  de la Reine morte d’aimer. By then he had produced and created a great number of art works in the musical facets.

Facts about Maurice Ravel 9: Last Year

In October 1932, Ravel suffered a blow to the head in a taxi accident. It was a severe accident that made gradually losing his memory and some of his coordinating powers, sadly, Ravel never composed after this.

Gabriel Faure, Ravel’s Teacher and Supporter

Facts about Maurice Ravel 10: Legacy

After Ravel had died (December 28, 1937), his brother and legatee namely Edouard established Ravel museum at Montfort-I’Amaury and in his later years he declared his attention to leave a great number of the composer’s estate to the city of Paris for the endowment of a Nobel Prize in music.

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