Top 10 Facts about Meat

Post On: January 1, 2018
By: Andi

Knowing more interesting facts about meat may you do not know, will amaze you. Meat widely known as an edible food. Humans have hunted animal for their food since pretty long ago. In civilisation, animals like chicken, sheep, rabits, cow, buffalos, and cattle commonly produced as meat production. Meat mainly contained by water, protein and fat. Meat is really substantial in culture, religion and economics. There are some religion that baning to consume several kinds of meats. The more information known the more willingnes to read more about meat below.

Facts about Meat 1: The Terms

The word meat derives from the old english mete, which describe food in general. The word related to the Danish mad, Swedish and Norwegian mat, matur in Icelandic and faroese, which also means ‘food’.

Facts about Meat 2: History

Based on resources on the internet, meat generally constituted food since earliest human. Early people hunted large animal such as bison and deer. The domesticated animals that commonly used for human consumtion such as sheep, cattle,  and domesticated pig.

Facts about Meat

Facts about Meat 3: Consumption

Several countries have special and different way in consuming meat depending on cultural and religious preference. Based on the report of FAO, the amount of consumption white meat increased dramatically between 1990 and 2009. Conversely, in 2009, the consumption of bovine decreased from 10.4 kg percapita in 1990 to 9.6 kg percapita in 2009.

Facts about Meat 4: Environment

The environment and level of temperature cause big influence on regulation of mammals.

Facts about Meat 5: Nutrition

The quality and quantity of meat depend on the composition of the diet. Producing high-quality protein animal feed is expensive so there are some approachment to ensure maximum utilisation of protein. Such as, treatment of feed with formalin, recycling of manure, etc.

Facts about Meat 6: Biochemical Composition

Aspecs of biochemical composition of meat are diverse depend on the species, breed, sex, age, plane of nutrition, training and exercise of the animal.

facts about meat

Facts about Meat 7: Red and White Flesh

Generally meat classified as red and white meat due to the concentration of myoglobin in muscle fibre. Red-meat contains more narrow muscle fibres while white-meat contains more broad fibres. The mammlas contain red-meat such as cows, sheep, goat while white-meat that are chicken, turkey, etc.

Facts about Meat 8: Transport

Transport gives big affect to the quality of the meat. It was occured caused by unnecessary stress during in transport.

Facts about Meat 9: Additives

When meat marketted, it was tested and processed in preparation of consumption. It may be enriched by additives to protect or modify its flavour and colour. Meat additives includes salt, nitrite, phosphates, erythorbate, sweeteners, seasoning, flavouring, ternderisers, antioxidants, acidifiers, etc.

facts about meat

Facts about Meat 10: Environment Affect

Various environment impacts appeared by meat production. It will predispose greenhous gas emissions, fossil energy use, water use, water quality changes, and effects on grazed ecosystem. In addition, the livestock industry may be the largest source of water pollution (i.g. caused by animal wastes, fertilizer, and pesticides) and it contributes to emergence of antibiotic resitance.

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