10 Facts about Lucozade

Post On: March 23, 2017
By: Agustina

The following Facts about Lucozade will inform the readers with a general name for a series of sport drinks and energy drinks. At first, it was called Glucozade. The origin of the drink could be traced back in 1927 where William Owen, a chemist from Newcastle tried to make an energy drink for the sick people. In 1929, the energy drink was renamed into Lucozade. In 1938, Beecham acquired the products.  It was followed with a number of acquisitions and mergers, which led Lucozade at the hand of one company to another company. Let us find out other interesting facts about Lucozade below:

Facts about Lucozade 1: Suntory

Suntory was the Japanese conglomerate, which acquired Lucozade with the price of £1.35 billion on September 9, 2013.

Facts about Lucozade 2: the production

The production of Lucozade is located in Coleford, Gloucestershire, in the Forest of Dean, England at the Royal Forest Factory.

Facts about Lucozade

Facts about Lucozade

Facts about Lucozade 3: the purpose of drinking Lucozade

The purpose of drinking Lucozade is to promote endurance and performance by consuming more calories and sugar to gain energy.

Facts about Lucozade 4: performance enhancement

The performance enhancement is cited by 431 marketing claims. However, the lack of evidence is cited by people.

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Facts about Lucozade 5: marketing Lucozade

Lucozade is among sport drinks products. Lucozade is cited by the representative of the company to encourage the people to exercise more by recovering more quickly and perform better in sport.

Lucozade logo

Lucozade logo

Facts about Lucozade 6: the campaign

A campaign against soft drinks, which contained high level of sugar, was conducted in May 2016 by the Liverpool City Council. The worst offender was Lucozade. In a 500mm bottle of Lucozade, it contained 62 grams of sugar. The second place was for Coca Cola with 54 grams of sugar.

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Facts about Lucozade 7: the use of Lucozade

The people who take insulin and face hypoglycemia symptoms due to the high level of sugar in the drink may consume lucozade.

Facts about Lucozade 8: the ingredients

The carbonated water, preservatives, color, caffeine, lactic acid, antioxidant, citric acid, glucose syrup and flavoring are the ingredients of Lucozade.

Lucozade Products

Lucozade Products

Facts about Lucozade 9: the preservatives

E-222 or sodium bisulphate and potassium sorbate are the prevalent preservatives found in Lucozade.

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Facts about Lucozade 10: the caffeine

The caffeine found in Lucozade is 46 mg in a 380ml bottle of this soft drink. The content is equal with the one found in a cup of tea.

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