10 Facts about Lollipops

Post On: March 2, 2017
By: Agustina

A colorful confectionery is explained on Facts about Lollipops. Kids love it much. A lollipop is consumed by licking or sucking.  It is made of water ice and hard candy. Then it will be attached on a plastic stick. The sweet is called in different names such as a sticky pop, sucker, and lolly. When you are in the sweet stores or supermarket, lollipop is available in various shapes and flavors. The fruit flavor is considered as the most popular type of lollipop. Let us get other useful facts about lollipop below:

Facts about Lollipops 1: the production of lollipop

Today, lollipop is manufactured in many flavors, shapes and colors for various food companies produce this popular candy.

Facts about Lollipops

Facts about Lollipops

Facts about Lollipops 2:  the size

The size of lollipops is ranging from small, medium and big ones.  If you want to buy hundreds of lollipops in cheaper price, choose the small sized lollipops. They are often given free to the customers in barbershops and banks.

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Facts about Lollipops 3: the large sized lollipop

If you are interested to taste the large sized lollipop, the candy cane is the perfect option.

Facts about Lollipops 4: room temperature

Most lollipops produced by the food companies are intended for room temperature consumption. If you want to the cool version, purchase the ice-lollies or ice lollipops. They are created with frozen water as the base.



Facts about Lollipops 5: the fillings

The producers are creative to make lollipops favorable to kids. The soft candy and bubble gum are used mostly as the fillings of lollipop. The unusual filling is found in number of novelty lollipop.

Facts about Lollipops 6: the novelty lollipops

If you are bored with the taste and shape of the ordinary lollipops, look at the novelty lollipops.  It may feature a flashing light at the center. This feature is not edible. Another unique lollipop is filled with a motorized device. Therefore, the lollipop will spin. Salmiak is often used to flavor the lollipops in the Netherlands, Germany and Nordic countries.

Lollipop Facts

Lollipop Facts

Facts about Lollipops 7: the medicinal purpose

Do you know that medicine can be mixed with lollipops? The power of suggestion is associated with the function of lollipops as the diet aids. There have been no tests related to the effectiveness of this aid.

Facts about Lollipops 8: medicine for children

Lollipop may contain medicine for kids. The fentanyl is the active ingredient for analgesic lollipop.

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Facts about Lollipops 9: the invention

During the American civil war, lollipop was invented.



Facts about Lollipops 10: the version of inventions

Other people believe that the invention of lollipop took place in 1800s.

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