10 Facts about Medieval Africa

Post On: March 18, 2018
By: Andi

The facts about Medieval Africa would talk about the history of Africa in the middle ages or pre-colonialism period. It would be focused on the civilisation and the kingdoms had been existed in Africa. Formerly, in Africa had many kingdoms, such as Egyptian Empire (3150-30 BCE), Kingdom of Kerma (2500-1500 BCE), Kingdom of Kush (1070BCE-350CE), Carthaginian Empire (650-146 BCE), Garamantes (500 BCE-700CE), Ptolemaic Kingdom (306-30 BCE), etc. The more interesting facts you may do not know, would be presented below.

Facts about Medieval Africa 1: Sao Civilisation

Sao civilisation existed from the sixth century of BC to as late 16th century AD in Central Africa. The saos’ people live in the long side of Chari River south of lake Chad in teriritory then latter be part of Cameroon and Chad. Based on the artifacts had been found, the sao people  were skilled workers in bronze, copper and iron. The largest Sao archeological finds have been made south of Chad Lake.

Facts about Medieval Africa 2: kanem Empire

The Kanem Empire located in the Chad Basin. This kingdom built in 9th AD onward and lasted as the independent kingdom of Bornu until 1893. The occupational territory of empire encompassed an area not only the majority of Chad, but also parts of modern southern Libya, eastern Niger, northeastern Niger, northern Cameroon, parts of South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

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Facts about Medieval Africa 3: Shilluk Kingdom

The Shilluk Kingdom centered in South Sudan from the 15th century. The capital and royal residence was in Fashoda town. The Shilluk Kingdom met decline following military assaults from the Ottoman Empire and later British and Sudanese colonisation in Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.

Facts about Medieval Africa 4: Baguirmi Kingdom

During the 16th and 17th centuries, the Kingdom of Baguirmi established as an independent state. It was located in Lake of Chad or now popular as the country of Chad.

Facts about Medieval Africa 5: Wadai Empire

By 17th century, Wadai Empire had been centered on Chad and the middle Africa. Initially, this empire paid tribute to Bornu and Durfur, until the 18th century Wadai was fully independent and had become an agressor against its neighbors.

Facts about Medieval Africa 6: Maghreb

By 711 AD, the Umayyad Caliphate had conquered all of  the North Africa. As the result, in 10th century, the majority of population in North Africa was Muslim.

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Facts about Medieval Africa 7: Egypt

Rashidun Calipath conquered Byzantine Egypt in 642 AD. Amazingly, Egypt under Fatimid Calipath was prosperous. The public infrastructures (canal and dams) were repaired, and wheat, barley, flax, and cotton production increased. Egypt became a major producer pf linen and cotton cloth and also minted a gold currency named Fatimid dinar. The dinar was used for international trade.

Facts about Medieval Africa 8: Mapungubwe

Mapungwe kingdom was the first  state in Shoutern Africa, Mapungwe as the Capital. The state emerged in the 12th century CE. The comodity to survive came from controlling the trade in ivory from Limpopo Valley.

Facts about Medieval Africa 9: Luba Empire

The political of Luba spread  throughout Central Africa, Southern Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Western Congo.

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Facts about Medieval Africa 10: Lunda Empire

Naweej is a founder of Lunda Empire.


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