10 Facts about Medieval Peasant

Post On: May 22, 2018
By: Andi

The amazing 10 facts about medieval peasant would be told in this article. Based on the article on Wikipedia, a peasant is a pre-industrial agricultural labourer farmer, especially one living in the middle ages under feudalism and paying rent, tax, fees or services to a landlord. In the medieval period of Europe, based on the personal status, peasants classified into three classes namely slave, serf, and free tenant. I will describe the other facts about medieval peasant on the explanation below.

Facts about medieval peasant 1: The Word of “Peasant”

The word “peasant” derived from the 15th century. It came from French word means one of the pays, or countryside or outlaying administrative district.

Facts about medieval peasant 2: The Social Position

In the pre-industrial society, peasants were typically a majority of the agricultural labour force. Other words, the majority of people in the middle ages were peasants. sometimes, the word “peasant” used to refer pejorative to those considered to be “lower Class” in the society.

the facts about medieval peasant

Facts about medieval peasant 3: European Peasants

During medieval times, the open field system of agriculture dominated by northern Europe.

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Facts about medieval peasant 4: The System

In the middle ages, peasants lived on a manor presided over by a lord or a bishop of the church. Peasant should pay to the landlord as an exchange for their right to cultivate the land farming.

Facts about medieval peasant 5: The Posisition of Peasant after Black Death

During medieval period in western Europe, the relative position of peasants improved greatly due to black death reduced the population in the mid-14th century.

Facts about medieval peasant 6: The Trend of Industrialisation

Industrial Revolution which enabled mechanically and chemically augmented agricultural production while simultaneously increasing the demand for factory workers in cities, and wellknown as proletariat.

the facts about medieval peasant

Facts about medieval peasant 7: The Impact of Industrialisation to Peasant Life

The trend of industrialisation influence the sorts of jobs.  The trend displaced many peasants from the land and compelled them, often unwillingly, to become urban factory-workers.

Facts about medieval peasant 8: The Lifestyle of Peasants in the Medieval Times

In medieval England was extremely harsh and hard. The majority of farmers in field owned and totally under controlled by the landlords.

Facts about medieval peasant 9: The Peasant Obligation

During middle ages, peasants had to pay rent and taxes to the lord. Moreover, they obligated to work for free on church land.

the facts about medieval peasant

Facts about medieval peasant 10: The Home of Peasant

Peasant lived in cruck house. These had a wooden frame onto which was plastered wattle and daub.

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