10 Facts about the Maroons

Post On: June 9, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about the Maroons talk about the descendants of maroons. The people often call them as the Jamaican maroons. They occupied the eastern parishes of the mountainous region in Island of Jamaica to build free communities. During the period, slavery was prominent in Africa. Therefore, these people tried to escape slavery by reaching Jamaica. Let us check other unique facts about the maroons.

Facts about the Maroons 1: the refugee communities

The refugee communities were established when the Spanish imported slaves from Africa.

Facts about the Maroons 2: the English

The import of slaves conducted by the English was to develop the sugar cane plantation.

Facts about the Maroons

Facts about the Maroons

Facts about the Maroons 3: the maroon

The Africans became the maroon when they escape from slavery because with fights and revolts were unavoidable in Jamaica.

Facts about the Maroons 4: the Jamaican sugar economy

The sugar economy in Jamaica was less profitable due to the revolts conducted by the Africans. Finally, the English made a promise to abolish slavery if these people stopped their revolts. As a result, slavery was abolished by the British government in 1834.

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Facts about the Maroons 5: First Maroon War

First Maroon War occurred because of the resistance of conquest by the people from Cockpit Country and Windward Maroons. Treaties were enacted by granting lands and autonomy to them. In exchange, they should live along in peace. If there were external enemies, they should help the colonial militia.



Facts about the Maroons 6: the Second Maroon War

Second Maroon War took place in 1795 to1796 because of tension between the inhabitants of Trelawny town and governor of Britain.

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Facts about the Maroons 7: deportation

600 maroons were deported to Nova Scotia, one of the British settlements. The deportation was enforced by the Assembly even though leniency was promised by the governor if they surrendered willingly.

Facts about the Maroons 8: additional deported maroons

Due to the growing fear of slave rebellion, other maroons were deported from Jamaica by the British.

Facts about Maroons

Facts about Maroons

Facts about the Maroons 9: the Spanish colonists

The Spanish colonists fled from Jamaica after the land was captured in 1655.

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Facts about the Maroons 10: in 21st century

The maroons still preserved their traditional practice, culture and celebration. It is okay for us to attend the traditional celebrations of the maroons as a tourist attraction in the island.

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