10 Interesting facts about Medieval Knights

Post On: May 12, 2018
By: Andi

It is my pleasure to share the interesting facts about medieval knights. I will present the amazing story of knights which is focused on the knights in Europe. A knight is a person granted an honorary title or knighthood by a monarch or the other top executive political leaders, especially in a military capacity. Historically, in Europe, knighthood was conferred upon mounted warriors. The other amazing facts about medieval knights will be presented below. let us read together!

Facts about Medieval Knights 1: The Knights in the Medieval Period

In this period,social life dominated by feudal system and the role of the knights and their servants. Based on the article on the internet, this was an extremely violent era in European and English history. Weapon practice included enhancing two-handed sword , mace, dagger, lance and battle axe. A castle and the lord were protected by knights.

Facts about Medieval Knights 2: Becoming The Knights in the Medieval Times

To develop knighthood in this times was a hard and arduous project. Knighthood was not given purely to the young man who was the son of a noble. There were some hard and long steps to reach a knighthood, it needed years of training.

facts about medieval knights

Facts about Medieval Knights 3: Medieval Knights of Jousting and Tournaments

At this time, to assess how far the skills of the knights, they could join in the tournaments. Various kinds of combat were practised at the tournaments including jousting, archery, and hand to hand combat using swords and other weapons.

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Facts about Medieval Knights 4: The Knighthood and the Code of Chivalry

Undoubtedly, the code of becoming a knight should be brave and fearless in the battle, showing the quality to be devout, loyal, courteous, and generous. There were various ceremonies attended and oaths made before a man converted a knight. At this period, the castles provided the “Knight School!”. The castles applied the strongly strict rules and code of the knight. It made to create the chivalry, courtesy, honour and gallantry knight.

Facts about Medieval Knights 5: The Armor and Weapons for the Knights in the Medieval Times

The core of the Knights’ role is to enhance their skills on using weapons. In this period, armour was truly expensive to produce.

Facts about Medieval Knights 6: The Training for The Knights in The Middle Ages

By the 10th century, the institution of knights has been well-established already.

facts about medieval knights

Facts about Medieval Knights 7: Page

A knight might be born from nobility, typically sons of knights or lords.

Facts about Medieval Knights 8: Squire to be the Knight

Squire is the boy who already in 15 years old. In religious ceremony, the new squire swore on a sword consecrated by a bishop or priest then attended to be assigned duties in his lords’ household.

Facts about Medieval Knights 9: Accolade of Knighting

The accolade ceremony of knighting usually hold on great day, such as Christmas or Easter.

facts about medieval knights

Facts about Medieval Knights 10: Heraldry of Knighting

Flying of coloured banners were the greatest distinguishing marks of the knightly class than the others.

I told the interesting facts about medieval knights, do you want to read the other amazing facts?