Top 10 Facts about Malorie Blackman

Post On: May 3, 2017
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The British writer who became the Children’s Laureate is explained on Facts about Malorie Blackman.  She held the post in 2013 until 2015. Blackman was born on February 8th, 1962. Her works are focused on young adults and children. She is recognized an author for TV drama and literature. She is interested to talk about ethical and social issues through science fiction works. Why don’t you check the whole post to find out more interesting Blackman facts?

Facts about Malorie Blackman 1: racism

One of her works, which delivers the issue of racism, is Noughts and Crosses series. This popular work uses the fictional dystopian setting. This work is praised by the critics.

Facts about Malorie Blackman 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Blackman was located in Clapham, London.  Blackman wished to become an English teacher when she was at school. Both of her parents came from Barbados.

Facts about Malorie Blackman

Facts about Malorie Blackman

Facts about Malorie Blackman 3:  the latter education

Instead of being an English teacher, Blackman ended up as a systems programmer. She went to Thames Polytechnic and got an HNC.  She attended National Film and Television School.

Facts about Malorie Blackman 4: marriage

In 1990s, Blackman and Neil married. In 1995, she gave birth to Elizabeth. She always defined herself as a black woman writer.

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Facts about Malorie Blackman 5: the first book

The first book of Blackman was intended for young adult readers. It consists of a collection of science fiction and horror stories. In November 1990, the book was published in the market.

Malorie Blackman Book

Malorie Blackman Book

Facts about Malorie Blackman 6: the works of Blackman

The works of Blackman are not only novels. She also writes a stage play, TV plays and short story collections. She has written at least 60 books for children until today.

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Facts about Malorie Blackman 7: the popularity of her works

Her works are very popular among kids and young adults. There is no need to wonder that they have been translated into 15 languages such as Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Welsh.

Facts about Malorie Blackman 8: Noughts & Crosses series

Noughts & Crosses series is considered as her most critically acclaimed work. The issues addressed in the series include violence, racism and love.

Malorie Blackman Pic

Malorie Blackman Pic

Facts about Malorie Blackman 9: OBE

In the 2008 Birthday Honours, Blackman was awarded with OBE.

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Facts about Malorie Blackman 10: the new Children’s Laureate

Blackman succeeded Julia Donaldson as the new Children’s Laureate in June 2013.

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