10 Facts about Landslides

Post On: November 26, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Landslides remind the people with a type of mass wasting. People often call it as landslip. The shallows of debris flow, deep failure of slopes and rockfalls are some of ground movements included in landslides. Landslide not only occurs on land.  The people use the term submarine landslide to call the underwater landslide. The major driving force of landslide is the action of gravity. However, it is also occurred due to the presence of contributing factors. Let us get other interesting facts about landslides below:

Facts about Landslides 1: is it similar with mudflow?

If you think that mudflow and landslide are similar, you are wrong. The former one involves the rapid flow of debris mixed with water.

facts about landslides

facts about landslides

Facts about Landslides 2: the definition of landslide

Landslide takes place when the stable slope turns into an unstable one.
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Facts about Landslides 3: the slope stability

Landslide always involves with the slope stability. There are various factors, which may change the stability such as the volcanic eruptions, groundwater pressure, and the loss of soil structure, absence of vegetation, earthquakes, erosion, and slop weakening due to the heavy rains, glacier melting or snowmelt.  All of them are the natural causes of landslide.

Facts about Landslides 4: the human activities

The activities of human beings may contribute to the presence of landslide. The risk of landslide is increased when people conduct blasting, deforestation, earthwork, removal of vegetation, logging, agricultural activity and construction.

landslide pic

landslide pic

Facts about Landslides 5: debris landslide

The chaotic movement of soils, rocks and debris mixed with ice or water is used to call the debris landslide. This condition may occur on the less vegetated slopes.

Facts about Landslides 6: debris avalanche and debris slide

Debris avalanche and debris slide are different for the latter one is slower in term of speed.



Facts about Landslides 7: the rare type of landslide

The rare type of landslide is sturzstrom.  People hardly understand this landslide for it may occur only on the uphill or flat terrain.

Facts about Landslides 8: the shallow landslide

Another type of landslide is the shallow landslide. The depth involved probably is only few centimeters to some meters.

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Facts about Landslides 9: the deep-seated landslides

If the landslides occur at the depth greater than 10 m, it is included as a type of deep-seated landslide.

facts about landslide

facts about landslide

Facts about Landslides 10: the movements

The bedrocks, weathered rocks and deep regolith usually are involved in the deep-seated landslide.

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