10 Facts about Lava Rocks

Post On: December 10, 2016
By: Agustina

The rock formed by the erupted magma from a volcano is explained on Facts about Lava Rocks. It earns the special status due to the volcanic origin. The term volcanic rocks are used interchangeably with shallow hypabyssal rocks in geology. Both are not always considered as different rocks. The term volcanic is often used to call the metavolcanic rocks in the Precambrian shield geology context. Let us check other interesting facts about lava rocks below:

Facts about Lava Rocks 1: where to find the lava rocks

The common places to find the lava rocks are in the oceans.  The rocks are not rare ones on earth surface. They can be found on land too in the flood basalt provinces and plate boundaries.

Facts about Lava Rocks

Facts about Lava Rocks

Facts about Lava Rocks 2: the land surface

The lava rocks account for 8 percent of the recent land surface of our planet.

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Facts about Lava Rocks 3: the texture of lava rocks

The texture of lava rocks is ranging from glass to fine grained one. The clasts of other phenocrysts and rocks are often found in the lava rocks.

Facts about Lava Rocks 4: what are Phenocrysts?

Phenocrysts can be seen using the unaided eyes.  Compared to the matrix, the crystals have larger shape. The high quality grained matrix usually contains large rhomb shaped phenocrysts called rhomb porphyry.

Lava Rocks

Lava Rocks

Facts about Lava Rocks 5: the vesicular texture

The molten rocks, which trap the volatiles, create the vesicular texture on the lava rocks. During the explosive volcanic eruptions, pumice is produced. This rock has the high vesicular texture.

Facts about Lava Rocks 6: the origin

When you deal with the origin of the volcanic rocks, the chemistry is very important to notice. Two things are important to consider when you decide the chemistry of volcanic rocks. They are initial component of the main magma and its differences.

Pillow Lava

Pillow Lava

Facts about Lava Rocks 7: the initial composition

The basaltic one is considered the most common initial composition in volcanic rocks.

Facts about Lava Rocks 8: basalt

The lava rock with low amount of silica is called basalt. The lava rock with high amount of silica content is called rhyolite.

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Facts about Lava Rocks 9: the content of silica

The content of basalt is similar with gabbro, while the rhyolite’s silica equals with granite.

Facts about Lava Pic

Facts about Lava Pic

Facts about Lava Rocks 10: the intermediate lava rocks

Latite, trachyte, dacite and andesite are included in the list of intermediate lava rocks.

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