10 Facts about Leadership

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Find out the interesting information about ability of a person to guide or lead other people on facts about leadership. The definition of leadership is varied depending on the ways you view it. The Western and Eastern approaches have different point of view related to leadership. The contrasting definition is also seen on the European and United States approaches.  Let me show you other facts about leadership below:

Facts about Leadership 1: the holistic point of view

The leaders may arise due to various factors based on the holistic point of view. The first one is related to Primal Leadership when it arises from the higher level of physical power. It is intended to produce fear or control people.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Facts about Leadership 2: Psychoenergetic Leadership

The leadership may occur in the form of Psychoenergetic Leadership for the second point of view. It is defined as superior motivation and mental energies. It is characterized with determination, courage and lack of fear.

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Facts about Leadership 3: Macro-Leadership

Macro-Leadership is defined when a person has the ability to manage the broader issues or tasks.

Facts about Leadership 4: Micro-Leadership

Micro-Leadership is the next type of leadership in holistic view. It deals with smaller tasks.

Magna Carta

Magna Carta

Facts about Leadership 5: Project Leadership

Project Leadership deals with the execution of task for it has more abilities to manage it.

Facts about Leadership 6: Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual Leadership presents the combination of spirituality, wisdom and values in higher levels.

Facts about Leadership

Facts about Leadership

Facts about Leadership 7: the studies about leadership

There are various theories, which have been developed by the scholars when they study leadership. It deals with intelligence, values, behavior, interaction, vision, charisma, and power.

Facts about Leadership 8: trait theory of leadership

Trait theory of leadership involves with the importance of individual traits or attributes when leading with leadership.

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Facts about Leadership 9: the important works about leadership

Leadership has been an important topic of various writings in the world.  People are interested to read the word of Francis Galton and Thomas Carlyle.



Facts about Leadership 10: the identification of leadership qualities

The leadership quality found in the powerful families was identified in the work of Galton. The title of the work was Hereditary Genius. On the other hand, Carlyle presented the characteristics of men who could earn power related to their physics, skills and talents in his Heroes and Hero Worship (1841).

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