10 Facts about Lech Walesa

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Get the information about the former president of Poland on Facts about Lech Walesa. He took the position as the president from 1990 until 1995. In 1983, Walesa was awarded with Nobel Peace Prize because of his co-foundation on the first independent trade union called Solidarity. Walesa is also recognized as a labor activist and Polish politician. He was born on September 29th, 1943.

Facts about Lech Walesa 1: the work of Walesa

Walesa earned the status as a trade union activist after he started to work at Lenin Shipyard. In 1976, he was fired from his job. The Communist authorities had arrested and observe him.

Lech Walesa Pic

Lech Walesa Pic

Facts about Lech Walesa 2: the political negotiation

Walesa played an important role in the political negotiation, which took place in August 1980. The striking workers and government eventually decided to have Gdańsk Agreement.

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Facts about Lech Walesa 3: the Solidarity trade union movement

The Solidarity trade union movement was co-founded by Walesa. He was arrested again by the authorities due to the imposed martial law in the country.

Facts about Lech Walesa 4: Round Table Agreement

Round Table Agreement was established in 1989 where Walesa was a major figure. In June 1989, the semi-free parliamentary elections were conducted in Poland. It led into the government dominated by the Solidarity.

Lech Walesa Images

Lech Walesa Images

Facts about Lech Walesa 5: as president of Poland

Walesa earned the position as President of Poland after he won the general election in 1990.

Facts about Lech Walesa 6: the transition

Walesa tried to direct the country to its post-communist state from communism. Due to the decreased popularity, he was defeated during the presidential election in 1995.

Lech Walesa

Lech Walesa

Facts about Lech Walesa 7: the present activity

Walesa gives lecture about the politics and history of Poland for the recent activity as of 2016.

Facts about Lech Walesa 8: the birthplace

The birthplace of Walesa was located in Popowo. The Polish area was once occupied by Germany. His father was carpenter forced to work in a labor camp located at Młyniec. His name was Boleslaw Walesa. Before his 34th birthday, Boleslaw died because of illness and exhaustion. His mother was Feliksa Wałęsa.

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Facts about Lech Walesa 9: the personal life

Walesa and Danuta Gołoś married on November 8th, 1969. They are blessed with eight kids.

Facts about Lech Walesa

Facts about Lech Walesa

Facts about Lech Walesa 10: the life of his kids

His kid, Jarosław is European MP. The office of Walesa located in Gdańsk is run by Anna.

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