10 Facts about Leinster House

Post On: December 23, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Leinster House will tell us about the parliament of Ireland. Historically, Dukes of Leinster had the building as their ducal palace. Now it has been transformed for the seat of the Oireachtas. Leinster House has been known as a complex of building since 1922. The core of the building is the former ducal palace. The staffs and members Oireachtas Éireann are seated in the ducal palace. Get more information about Leinster House below:

Facts about Leinster House 1: Leinster Lawn

Leinster House features the Leinster Lawn, which often hosted the Dublin Horse Show and Dublin Spring Show in the past.

Leinster House Old

Leinster House Old

Facts about Leinster House 2: Kildare House

Kildare House was recognized due to its high status and size. No other mansions in Dublin could beat it. In 1766, the Earl of Kildare was appointed as the first Duke Leinster. The Dublin residence of the family then was recalled as Leinster House.

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Facts about Leinster House 3: James Hoban

James Hoban was an Irish architect who used the first and second floors of Leinster House as the model for the White House’s floor.

Facts about Leinster House 4: Lord Edward FitzGerald

Lord Edward FitzGerald was one of the notable members of the family who lived in the house.  He died when he took part in 1798 Rebellion to fight for Irish Nationalism.

Leinster House Facts

Leinster House Facts

Facts about Leinster House 5: the aristocrats

A number of aristocrats decided to sell their houses in Dublin for they stopped coming to the city for it did not have any House of Lords to attend.

Facts about Leinster House 6: selling Leinster House

In 1815, Royal Dublin Society purchased the Leinster House from the third Duke of Leinster. The grounds of Leinster House hosted the Great Industrial Exhibition in 1853.

Leinster House Chamber

Leinster House Chamber

Facts about Leinster House 7: the additions in Leinster House

The National Museum of Ireland and the National Library of Ireland were established in the Leinster House after the addition of two new wings.

Facts about Leinster House 8: the safety of the building

Throughout the centuries, Leinster House was reconstructed by the new owners. Therefore, people are concerned about the safety of the building.

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Facts about Leinster House 9: the risks

The outdated wiring, overloading on the upper floors, frequents renovations and age of the building are some risks that the people should concern on Leinster House.

Facts about Leinster House

Facts about Leinster House

Facts about Leinster House 10: immediate renovation

The immediate renovation on Leinster House was proposed, but the former ducal palace would not be closed.

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