10 Facts about Lighthouses

Post On: January 22, 2017
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Facts about Lighthouses discuss a structure, a building or a tower used for navigational aid. It is functioned as a system of lighting so that the maritime pilot will be able to dock their ships or boats safely without hitting the hard coral or reef. It will be safe for the ship to enter the harbors or ports. The lighthouses can be found on the dangerous coastal area. In the past, the people would like to use it. Today, the usage of lighthouses is declined due to the development of electronic navigational system. Moreover, the expense to maintain the lighthouses is too costly. Check other interesting facts about lighthouses by reading the following post below:

Facts about Lighthouses 1: the fires

The fires built at the top of the hill were used to guide the mariners before the defined port was established.



Facts about Lighthouses 2: the development of lighthouses

Lighthouse began to develop by the people after they realize that having fires on the hilltop might increase the visibility of the mariners entering the ports.


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Facts about Lighthouses 3: the function of lighthouses in antiquity

Lighthouses were established to use as a marker of entering a port in the antiquity.

Facts about Lighthouses 4: the function of modern lighthouses

The modern lighthouses are built to warn the mariners that they are entering dangerous areas of promontories and reefs.

Facts about Lighthouses

Facts about Lighthouses

Facts about Lighthouses 5: the Pharos of Alexandria

The Pharos of Alexandria is considered as the most notable lighthouse dated back in the antiquity. In the following centuries, the structure was hit by an earthquake and collapsed.

Facts about Lighthouses 6: the existence of lighthouse in the antiquity

The existence of lighthouses in the antiquity is seen from their depictions in the mosaics and coins.

Lighthouses Facts

Lighthouses Facts

Facts about Lighthouses 7: the modern construction of lighthouses

In 18th century, the modern version of lighthouses was started to build. The powerful lighthouses were built due to the development of modern lighting equipment and structural engineering.

Facts about Lighthouses 8: a new phase of lighthouse development

The new development of lighthouse was spotted after the construction of Winstanley’s lighthouse at the Eddystone Rocks. The mariners who sailed via the English Channel had the higher risk of shipwreck hazard at Eddystone Rocks.

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Facts about Lighthouses 9: the first lighthouse at Eddystone Rocks

In 1696 until 1698, Henry Winstanley constructed the first lighthouse at the rock. The wooden structure was made in octagonal shape.



Facts about Lighthouses 10: John Smeaton

The lighthouse was rebuilt in 1756 until 1759 by John Smeaton. He was a civil engineer. The hydraulic lime was applied in his work.

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