10 Facts about Lister

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Find out the famous British surgeon on Facts about Lister. His full name is Joseph Lister. He was also known as the first Baron Lister.  His birth date was on April 5th, 1827. He died on February 10th, 1912. He was recognized as Sir Joseph Lister in 1883 until 1897. Another important achievement of Lister was his major work on antiseptic surgery. When he worked at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, he proposed the idea to use the sterile portable ports. Let us check other interesting facts about Lister.

Facts about Lister 1: the phenol

The phenol or carbolic acid was promoted by Lister to clean the wounds and sterilize the surgical tools.

Facts about Lister

Facts about Lister

Facts about Lister 2: antiseptic

The carbolic acid was successfully introduced by Lister as an antiseptic. In the surgical world, it was considered as the first widely used antiseptic. Lister was inspired from the microbiological work of Louis Pasteur.

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Facts about Lister 3: the benefits of carbolic acid

The introduction of carbolic acid had the positive impact to the post surgery activity. The infection after the operation was decreased. The patients enjoyed higher level of safety. That is why Lister earned the title as the father of modern surgery.

Facts about Lister 4: the early life of Lister

His father was Joseph Jackson Lister.  He made a great contribution in the compound microscope due to his achromatic object lenses. His family lived in West Ham, Essex, England.



Facts about Lister 5: education

Lister was eager learning German and French at school. He was educated at Benjamin Abbott’s Isaac Brown Academy. Then he went to Grove House School Tottenham during the teen period. He learned a number of subjects such as languages, natural science and mathematics.

Facts about Lister 6: the university time

After graduation, Lister was educated at University College located in London. At first, he chose botany. In 1847, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Lister Pic

Lister Pic

Facts about Lister 7: as a medical student

He decided to study medicine. Lister was honored with Bachelor of Medicine. At the age of 26, he was enrolled at Royal College of Surgeons.

Facts about Lister 8: marriage

Lister married Agnes. She was the daughter of James Syme.  The couple visited the high profile medical institutes in Germany and France for three months during their honeymoon.

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Facts about Lister 9: the laboratory partner

Agnes became the partner of Lister when he worked in the laboratory. Agnes was interested with medical research.



Facts about Lister 10: the infection of wounds

Before Lister promoted the antiseptic, people believed that the wound infection was caused y the exposed bad air.

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