10 Facts about Little Mix Jade

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One of the notable members of British girl group is explained on Facts about Little Mix Jade.  She followed The X Factor audition as a soloist. Since she could not make it to the next round, she was included in a girl group with others failed as soloist like Perrie Edward. Let us me show you more information about Jade and other members of Little Mix by reading the following post below:

Facts about Little Mix Jade 1: the full name of Jade

People call her Jade. However, her full name is Jade Amelia Thirlwall. Now she is 24 years old.

Little Mix Jade Facts

Little Mix Jade Facts

Facts about Little Mix Jade 2: the birth date of Jade

If you are a fan of her, you must know her birth date. She was born on December 26th, 1992. She is still young.

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Facts about Little Mix Jade 3: the childhood time

During her childhood, Jade spent most of her time living in Laygate neighborhood located in South Shields, Tyne and Wear.

Facts about Little Mix Jade 4: the ancestry of Jade

Jade has a unique ancestry. From her mother side, she has the Egyptian and Yemeni ancestry.

Facts about Little Mix Jade

Facts about Little Mix Jade

Facts about Little Mix Jade 5: the X Factor audition

The life of Jade changed drastically after she followed the X Factor audition in 2008 and 2010. At the Bootcamp stage, Jade was eliminated.

Facts about Little Mix Jade 6: education

Talking about her education, Jade has learned various courses where she was educated at performing arts college located in South Tyneside.

Little Mix Jade Image

Little Mix Jade Image

Facts about Little Mix Jade 7: discography with Little Mix

As I have stated before, Jade is a member of Little Mix.  The discography with Little Mix includes four albums. They are DNA, Salute, Get Weird, and Glory Days. The latter album was released in 2016, while the former one was released in 2012. The girl group also had their concert in 2013 under the banner of DNA tour. The recent tour will be held in 2017 entitled The Glory Days.

Facts about Little Mix Jade 8: books

Ready to Fly is the title of Little Mix’s first book where it explored the journey of the group to become famous. HarperCollins published it.

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Facts about Little Mix Jade 9: various products

There are various products of games, accessories, puzzles and dolls of Little Mix released by Bravado and Vivid after Little Mix and the companies signed a deal.

Little Mix Jade

Little Mix Jade

Facts about Little Mix Jade 10: the clothing line

The clothing retailer Primark also has a deal with Little Mix by selling the children clothing line.

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