10 Facts about Louis Riel

Post On: March 14, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Louis Riel tell the readers about the founder of Manitoba province in Canada. He was also known as a politician in Canada. The Métis people who settled in the Canadian prairies considered as him as their political leader. His leadership related to the two resistances to the government of Canada and Sir John A. Macdonald who served as the prime minister of first post-Confederation. Let us find out more interesting facts about Riel by reading the following post below:

Facts about Louis Riel 1: the Métis rights

Riel tried to maintain the Métis culture and rights within the territory of Canada for the Northwest was considered as their homeland.

Louis Riel Facts

Louis Riel Facts

Facts about Louis Riel 2: a folk hero

The New Left student movement, native right movement, Catholic nationalists and Francophones over the decades.

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Facts about Louis Riel 3: the importance of Riel in Canadian history

In the Canadian history, Riel is considered as the prominent figure who receives more attention than any other figures.

Facts about Louis Riel 4: the Red River Rebellion

The Red River Rebellion took place in 1869 until 1870. It was the first resistance movement led by Riel. The execution of Thomas Scott was under the order of Riel. To avoid being persecuted, he moved to United States.

Facts about Louis Riel

Facts about Louis Riel

Facts about Louis Riel 5: Canadian House of Commons

In the Canadian House of Commons, he was elected three times despite being a fugitive. However, he never took the seat.

Facts about Louis Riel 6: living in exile

Riel had to live in United States. Riel at first was supported by the Catholic leaders.  However, he lost their support due to the religious conviction.

Louis Riel

Louis Riel

Facts about Louis Riel 7: marriage

In 1881, Riel got married when he was in Montana. He had three kids.

Facts about Louis Riel 8: the second resistance

The second resistance of Riel took place in 1885 called as the North-West Rebellion where he led a military confrontation.

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Facts about Louis Riel 9: the end of the rebellion

The end of the rebellion was marked by the Riel’s arrest. Prior to his arrest, thousands of combat soldiers had been sent by the new rail lines. Riel was convicted with high treason.

Louis Riel 1875

Louis Riel 1875

Facts about Louis Riel 10: as a heroic victim

Riel earns the status as a heroic victim. Prime Minister MacDonald wanted to punish him with hanging.

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