10 Facts about Lord Baltimore

Post On: March 8, 2017
By: Agustina

The following Facts about Lord Baltimore will talk about the first Proprietor and Proprietary Governor of Maryland Province. He was known as the second Baron Baltimore. His real name was Cecil Calvert. He was born on August 8th, 1605 and died on November 30th, 1675. In the colony of Newfoundland and the colony of Avalon, Calvert served as the 9th Proprietary Governor. Let me show you interesting facts about Lord Baltimore below:

Facts about Lord Baltimore 1: George Calvert

George Calvert was the first Baron Baltimore. Following the death of his father, he inherited the proprietorship.

Lord Baltimore Young

Lord Baltimore Young

Facts about Lord Baltimore 2: Kiplin Hall

Kiplin Hall located in North Yorkshire, England was considered as the home of Cecil where he managed the Maryland Province from the home.

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Facts about Lord Baltimore 3: religious tolerance

The religious tolerance was promoted and encouraged by Cecil as well as his father even though he was an English Roman Catholic.

Facts about Lord Baltimore 4: the Catholics

The Catholics from England tried to relocate to Maryland as their new safe place to avoid the persecution in England.

Facts about Lord Baltimore

Facts about Lord Baltimore

Facts about Lord Baltimore 5: the period of Calvert

For almost 42 years, Cecil managed Maryland. Then he became the government of Newfoundland.

Facts about Lord Baltimore 6: the death

On 30th November 1675, Cecil died in England at the age of 70. The burial site of Cecil was located in St. Giles-in-the-Fields Church, London. That is possible the location for his burial. However, people are still not sure about his grave.

Lord Baltimore

Lord Baltimore

Facts about Lord Baltimore 7: plaque

In 1996, Governor of Maryland put a plaque of Cecil Calvert at St. Giles to honor him.

Facts about Lord Baltimore 8: the birthplace of Cecil

The birthplace of Cecil was located in Kent, England. His mother was Anne Mynne.

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Facts about Lord Baltimore 9: the education

In 1621, Cecil was educated at Trinity College at the University of Oxford.

Lord Baltimore's Son

Lord Baltimore’s Son

Facts about Lord Baltimore 10: Religious Tolerance in Maryland

The General Assembly of the Maryland colony passed Maryland Toleration Act on September 21st, 1649. People also called it Act Concerning Religion. In the colonies of the New World, it was the law about religious tolerance. The law was a guarantee that the Nonconformist Protestants and Catholics people would get their religious freedom in Maryland. In England, the Catholics were subjects of religious persecution. Thus, many Catholics migrated from England to reach New World.

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