10 Facts about Lucie Rie

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The notable British studio potter who was born in Vienna Austria in 1902 will be explained on Facts about Lucie Rie.  She died in 1995.  Her father was a Jewish medical doctor, Benjamin Gomperz. Paul Gomperz and Teddy Gomperz were her brothers. In 1917, Paul was killed at the Italian front.  In 1922, she attended a school of arts and crafts Vienna Kunstgewerbeschule to study pottery. Her mentor was Michael Powolny.

Facts about Lucie Rie 1: the interest of art

Rie was interested with architecture and archeology after she saw the art collection of her maternal uncle while in Vienna.

Facts about Lucie Rie

Facts about Lucie Rie

Facts about Lucie Rie 2: the first art inspiration

The first item, which inspired her, was the Roman pottery collection of her uncle. The pottery was discovered at the suburbs of Vienna.

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Facts about Lucie Rie 3: the first studio

In 1925, Rie had her first studio in Vienna. She also took part at Paris International Exhibition in the same year.

Facts about Lucie Rie 4: a silver medal

Rie was awarded with a silver medal during the Paris International Exhibition in 1937.

Lucie Rie Facts

Lucie Rie Facts

Facts about Lucie Rie 5: moving to England

Rie lived in London, England due to the rise of Nazi of Austria in 1938. In 1926, she married a businessman, Hans Rie. Both separated since Lucie settled in London. In 1940, the marriage was dissolved.

Facts about Lucie Rie 6: the postwar period

Rie was interested to produce the ceramic buttons and jewellery after the Second World War ended. Some of her works are displayed at the Lisa Sainsbury Collection at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich and Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Lucie Rie Vase

Lucie Rie Vase

Facts about Lucie Rie 7: Hans Coper

Hans Coper was an inexperienced young man who was employed by Rie to help her fire the button in 1946.  Hans developed passion to study about sculpture. Rie sent him to Heber Mathews, a potter to teach him how to create pots.

Facts about Lucie Rie 8: the exhibition

In 1948, Coper and Rie had the exhibitions together. Until 1958, he became her partner in the studio. In 1981, the friendship ended due to the death of Coper.

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Facts about Lucie Rie 9: the small studio

The small studio of Rie was located at 18 Albion Mews nearby Hyde Park. She served cake and tea when inviting people to come to the studio.

Lucie Rie

Lucie Rie

Facts about Lucie Rie 10: teaching

In 1960 until 1970, Rie taught at Camberwell College of Art.

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