10 Facts about Mabo

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Facts about Mabo tell you about Eddie Mabo. He was a prominent figure who fought for the indigenous people of Australia due to his campaign on the land rights of Australia. He rejected the idea of terra nullius or nobody’s land in High Court of Australia related to the landmark decision. Mabo was from Torres Strait Islands. He was born circa June 29th, 1936 and died on January 21st, 1992. Let us check other useful facts about Mabo below:

Facts about Mabo 1: the birth name

The birth name of Mabo was Eddie Koiki Sambo. Benny Mabo, his uncle adopted him. Thus, he altered his last name from Sambo to Mabo.

Facts about Mabo 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Mabo was located on Murray Island or Island of Mer of Torress Strait. It is located between Papua New Guinea and Australian Mainland.



Facts about Mabo 3: personal life

His wife was an Australian South Sea Islander. Her name was Bonita Neehow. In 1959, the couple married. They were blessed with 7 biological kids and 3 adopted kids.

Facts about Mabo 4: Gail

Gail was a daughter of Mabo. She was known as an Aboriginal dancer and artist. She became the spokesperson of the family. Gail worked as a cultural advisor for NSW schools.

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Facts about Mabo 5: the early occupation of Mabo

When he was 31 years old, Mabo was hired by James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland as a gardener. Before he earned this post, he had worked as a railway fettler and a cane cutter.

Facts about Mabo

Facts about Mabo

Facts about Mabo 6: the important life

His life changed when he worked in the campus as a gardener. Mabo had a discussion with Noel Loos and Henry Reynolds related to Mabo’s land on Murray Land. They were historians in JCU.

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Facts about Mabo 7: ownership of the land

Mabo believed that he owned the land, but the historians stated that it was a Crown land.

Facts about Mabo 8: a speech

Mabo had his speech before the audience at James Cook University during a land rights conference in 1981.  He focused on the land inheritance system on Murray Island.

Mabo Pic

Mabo Pic

Facts about Mabo 9: a lawyer

One of the attendees of the conference was a lawyer who suggested Mabo to have a test case related to the land.

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Facts about Mabo 10: announcement

The High Court finalized the case by overturning terra nullius doctrine on June 3, 1992. Prior to the decision, Mabo had died on January 21st, 1992 because of cancer.

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