10 Facts about Majority Rule

Post On: April 22, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Majority Rule impress us with a decision supported by more than 50 percent of the votes. The legislature of democratic countries and nations will use the majority rule in their influential decision-making.  In the modern western democracies, majority rule plays a key role. Its application is spotted in most referendums and elections.  The bodies, which often use majority rule, include the legislatures where majority rule can reject or accept the proposal. Let me show you other interesting facts about majority rule below:

Facts about Majority Rule 1: rules in books

There are a number of books, which explain majority rule as one of the basic rules. One of them is the famous Rules of Order by Robert.

Facts about Majority Rule 2: the rules

Majority rule has been employed in a number of ways. One of them is a two-third rule.

Facts about majority rule

Facts about majority rule

Facts about Majority Rule 3: fair rule

Majority rule is considered as a fair rule by May. The term fairness is divided in two entities. Both are neutrality and anonymity.

Facts about Majority Rule 4: neutrality

Majority rule has neutrality spotted on the equal treatment of each alternative in the decision rule. Majority rule and supermajotarian rule is very different. The latter allows the alternative with few votes to win.

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Facts about Majority Rule 5: anonymity

We will never know the identity of the voters in majority rule due to the anonymity. Each voter will be treated in identical position.

majority rule pic

majority rule pic

Facts about Majority Rule 6: the number of voters

The number of majority rule should be infinite or odd to make sure that it meets the basic criteria. A tie might occur if the number of voters is even. Thus, neutrality will be seen in majority rule.

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Facts about Majority Rule 7: overturned decision

The overturned decision might occur if two or more alternatives are in the majority.  The majority rule works if it only has one alternative supported by the major voters.

Facts about Majority Rule 8: alternative

Alternative is an important factor in majority rule. The voters should be served a number of possible alternatives. That is why; it is common to spot a voting paradox in majority rule.

majority rule

majority rule

Facts about Majority Rule 9: Nakamura number

Three is considered as the Nakamura number for majority rule.

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Facts about Majority Rule 10: tyranny of the majority

There is an argument related to the majority rule. Some argue that majority rule may lead into the presence of majority tyranny.

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