10 Facts about Luddites

Post On: March 23, 2017
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Facts about Luddites inform the readers with a group of English textile workers and weavers. In 19th century, the Luddites protested by destroying the weaving machinery. They were afraid that the use of machines in the weaving industries would replace the role of Luddites as weavers. The skill of Luddites related to weaving would be useless if it could be performed by machines.

Facts about Luddites 1: the term Luddites

A misconception took place related to the reason why the Luddites protested against the use of weaving machines. Some believed that it was used to slow down the development of technology. Over the years, the Luddites are associated as the people who reject new technologies like automaton, industrialization and computerization.

Facts about Luddites 2: the beginning of Luddites’ movement

Nottingham was the first place, which hosted the movement of Luddites. Then it spread other parts of England. This rebellion took place in 1811 until 1816.

Facts about Luddites

Facts about Luddites

Facts about Luddites 3: the military forces

The military forces were involved to suppress the Luddites using their brutal methods.  The protesters were also shot by the mill owners.

Facts about Luddites 4: the rise of working class

Luddites’ movement was viewed as the discontent of English working class in 19th century because of the industrial revolution.

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Facts about Luddites 5: the background

The harsh working condition was spotted in the mills. However, the skilled artisans still relied on it to support their life.

Luddites Facts

Luddites Facts

Facts about Luddites 6: the new invention

The new invention threatened the livehood of Luddites because of the mill owners might hire the low wage and less skilled laborers. The machines would give the owners faster and cheaper labor.

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Facts about Luddites 7: the main objective of Luddites

According to Luddites, the objective of the protest was to get better bargaining place with their employers.  They stated that they were not afraid with the use of technology.

Facts about Luddites 8: the emergence

The movement coincided with the difficult condition of Napoleonic wars where the working class people had the harsh working life in the mills.



Facts about Luddites 9: automated textile equipment

The automated textile equipment was popular because it was cheaper and faster. Luddites were threatened because the skill weavers would not be employed anymore.

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Facts about Luddites 10: practicing

Luddites practiced to maneuver and drill on the moors by hosting a meeting when the night comes.

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